The Inner Game Of Being A Results-Maker

How To Get Shit Done – The key mindsets you need to adopt to generate big results and success in your life. This is why you’ve been failing.

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  1. Here is a sum up of this video ,I'm an english student please feel free to correct any mistakes it'll help me a lot.

    How To Get Stuff Done

    Life is very easy these days,our society aims to make us more comfortable and avoid emotional challenges of many sorts.Modern society makes it easy to lose sight of results and to get distracted hence never accomplishing most of our goals and dreams.Getting stuff done and making tangible results is not an easy task many difficulties and barriers awaits the person that is trying to move forward in life.

    Making our great dreams come true is hard work,it is only possible if one’s makes changes all over his life ,and accept to be humbled by reality and do whatever it takes to be successful.

    Nowadays Life is cosy and unchallenging ,individuals can do nothing and society will take care of them.10’000 years ago it was “create results or die” ,today’s society takes multiple necessities for granted,before humans had to hunt,look for water,build a shelter,build a fire,secure the area they’re in … basically they had to work hard just to stay alive.Now all these fundamental needs are taken care of by the state.Ironically one would think that we now should be more productive and goals accomplishing machines since the hardest part of our lives is taken care of by the state,but the opposite is true.

    In order to make future goals possible a pedigree of results making is required.Imagine it as a document stating previous results proving that it is possible to make any dreams or goals come true because you have achieved goals and dreams before so why shouldn't it be possible now.

    It’s one thing to want something and another thing to make it happen.Fantasising about our goals and dreams is easy in fact doing it too much is a way to distract ourselves from accomplishing the same goals we dream about.Stage green people (Stereotypically : the hippies) suffer from this problem too much talk and no work.Instead of talking about our goals and daydreaming about them we should work to achieve and accomplish them by any means possible,while making the distinction between doing stuff and results.Most people confuse the steps to accomplish a goal with results, one must not confuse acting with results and not fall into this trap.

    To make things easier here is a simplified list of what is required in order to get stuff done and accomplish our goals:

    Having a good reason behind our goals : in order to make our goals easier a good reason is key, it will fuel our effort and work

    Value tangible results : we need to be results oriented and always provide results to judge our looking into the results it will inform us if the steps taken to get to our dreams are effective or need to be changed.

    Reality does not change for you you change for reality :change is emotionally difficult change your approach if it doesn’t work as Einstein said : “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” this is called “Holding your feet into the fire” and getting humbled by reality.It is key to align yourself with reality no matter how the emotional cost is.

    Talk less and work more : as the saying goes “Talk is cheap” .

    Work for excellence not mediocrity or even averageness .

    Always look and work inside the big picture

    Build a strong work ethic as the old days , today's culture devalues hard work and instead looks to spoil us with comfort, do not be spoiled instead sacrifice comfort and use brute force if necessary and never look for the shortcut or the easy way out

    Throw yourself into demanding situation: start a business,change your country …

    Be around exceptional people and results makers : by being around these kind of people it’ll raise your expectation of yourself by saying ‘’ if these people can do it then i can do it”

    That’s it for today to sum “how to get stuff done” in one sentence :decide the results you want ,make projects out of it, take action hold your feet to the fire ,feel the burn and learn to love the burn.

  2. Motivating and big eye opener.
    I personally had an eye opener moment 7 months ago where reality hit me hard and made me realize what I want to do in my life and I actually thought of your last point, which think of my death but I said to myself what I would like people to remember me, as a normal person who passed away or a successful person with a great story.
    Even now after looking into my life and the people's lives around me from a zoomed out perspective, I still have much to embrace and face.

    Thank you Leo for this great watch.

  3. I like that your logo looks like an iceberg and you refer to Freudian theory of the unconscious mind as the iceberg below the surface. Also the spiral is the inner expanding outward. Intentional? 🙂

  4. i just realized ive been watching leo since 2015 and have almost no results to show for…i was unconsciously entertaining myself, being comfortable,doing nothing, not going to college, leeching of my parents from age 19-22.

  5. I'm attracted to your logical thinking about the real world in 21st century.. No one teaches us during teens about how our mind works or life..
    But after watching your video, I've realised that I'm not a good being since I'm doing blunders. Is that okay to think?

  6. Man, I have always tried with serious integrity to get important goals accomplished and honestly it has been lack of time (due mostly to job priorities or health impediments), lack of money, or being burned out and too stressed from exactly what I just explained I think that also I have had a lot of comfusing and un – needed external negative influences that affected my goals and life and I learned that all of has made me aggressive with reaching goals, I am a very matter of fact, black & white person so much so that I will call bullshit on anyone and anything that unecessarily tries to give me shit (people say to be extra nice to others & while it works with certain people and things go over fine when getting shit done with those people it does not work with idiots and I have an intolerance to idiots as in zero tolerance) aside from that I think that I may come off as cold to certain people and honestly if those people knew me in a different situation or way than I am not cold but its when you need to do what you need to do and it relates to health, legal stuff, work, school or errands and things not related to leisure activities I try to be as informed and diligent and articulate and nice as I can be – THIS – is whereafter if the person does not reciprocate that I become very matter of fact and I wont care how I come across, I have dealt with a vast amount of personality types at work and in my personal life and Getting shit done really just means being diligent, uncompromising, having integrity, being informed and aware, and then executing what it is you want to get done using those traits and components. Example: I moved from an east coast state to the mid west recently and I always took note for example when I had to "get shit done" for example go to a locak DMV and extract a driving record that even something as simple as that yet so important was way easier to get done where I am now vs. In my former state of residence and I will be blunt its cause I was prepared and I did not have to deal with idiot people who were so incompetent at the DMV in my former state that they just transfer you to another department because its all they know how to do I had this asshole ask me for my passport at a DMV when I had already supplied him with 3 ID's I was upset and in ended up being someone made a mistake and also did not know how to access my records – so THEY DID NOT KNOW HOW TO DO SOMETHING so THEY tried to make an excuse and while I had to waste my fucking time THEY FELT IT WAS BEST TO KEEP BUSY WITH ASKING ME FOR SHIT THAT WAS IRRELEVANT, I found myself in this same situation in a totally different state and saw the people were much nicer, not rude entitled assholes working a public service job (if you work in a Government office and you serve the public dont behave in ways to people who just want to get things done SIMPLY CAUSE YOU CANT ADMIT YOU ARE INCOMPETENT & if you do not like civil service and it makes you blatantly act up like an asshole to the paying customers DONT WORK THERE because one day your supervisor will check you out as in fire your ass. Getting shit done is applying a forward marching method to where you need to go to get done what you want to get done thats it.

  7. Leo, your the man, your helping me so much in my life right now, it's unreal, I believe I am awakening and didn't know how to handle it or even what to do about it till I stumbled on your Chanel,thank you so much pal, keep up the good work, one day soon I hope to inspire people just like you

  8. God DAMN! This is a great video. I DID start a business last year and have been struggling with my ongoing health issues but I still haven't given up. I force myself to do art or writing everyday regardless of how terrible Im feeling as I'm trying to instill this work habit in my life. It's really made a difference in how I think about myself, work and what Im capable of. If I can do this then anyone can because motivation doesn't just appear out of thin air, you have to create a daily discipline which eventually becomes a normal part of life.

  9. Hey Leo..
    I just found your videos, have watched a few (gonna watch more) and they're really great. Very helpful, loaded with common sense AND best of all, your face makes me happy ;^)
    Thanks Fella.

  10. I disagree, life 10k years ago was not harder. Sure it was harder to do basic daily life things like get food or travel but that was it.

    You didn't have to work crazy ass hard and wear your mental health to pay for so many things you don't really need. The world leading businesses want more & more and so we created a system in which everybody is trapped and forced to become slave for multinationals so that a tiny bit of humanity who are way whealthyier than enough become even more rich way beyond reason.

    10k years ago life itself was not so stressful, mentally exhausting, full of anxiety, mental unsecurity and illnesses, unhealthy junk food, tons of crap that Ads make a necessity.

  11. I always think of my life as a series of projects. I set 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 month time limits to achieve as much as I can and complete the big projects while getting as many smaller projects done as possible. (I have always finished all the big projects in time and 80-90% of the small projects)

  12. Thank you, I had many spiritual psychedelic experience lately that gave me a lot of happines. Grstitude for what is, what I experience all the time and making me concience of a lot I didnt notice that I experience which I should be grateful for…
    But today I had this "bad Trip" of how this powerful energy which showed be me all the good before, berated me, went on to tell me eyactly that. Sadly I gave in, I didnt hold myself in this fight, I did for some time, but in the end, the way it was fought gave me the opportunity to make it stop by showing weakness, making it pity me. Oh poor ol me, it wasnt really pitiful, the most pitty was for me not making it not for me crying, giving up. So now I have to do it fully myself, not in this amplyfing state.
    After analysing what happened I got to "My determination and need for perfection was fighting against my inner sabatour, my laziness and procastinator" which now lead me here, because I was sure Leo has something for this and here it is. And the answer is what I expected, but somehow it is easier to swallow now hearing it from Leo (which I attribute to Leos remarkable ability of conveying things and my opinion of him and his lessons on my life.

  13. I'm actually in that green category and yes, I am a dreamer. I do want to help animals, the planet and the people in Bangladesh, but untill now, I was just not causing more harm (I'm vegan, zero waste and don't buy fast fashion). But that's what it is, it simply does not cause more harm. But it's not proactively helping that much though. Now I see that I need to do more if I want to really help them. Thank you for this wake up call! 🙂

  14. My list.!
    1. Value tangible results.
    2. Create shit…
    Creatively and project minded.
    Set tangible goals so that you know if you failed or not.
    3. Desire to impact people.
    4. Talk is cheap.
    5. Value excellence.
    6. Take personal responsibility.
    7. Working the big picture.
    8. Develop strong Work ethic.
    9. Use brute force.
    Leave it as an option.
    10. Sacrifice comfort.
    11. Have the will to change yourself.
    12. Throw yourself into demanding situations.
    13. Be around exceptional people.
    14. Start your own business.
    15. Think about your death.

  15. Reality doesn’t give a shit if you’re royalty or piss poor – there’s just cause and effect. Cross the road blind folded enough times and you’ll get hit – don’t study for that exam and you’ll fail. Eat shit food then expect a heart attack.
    H U S T L E.
    C R E A T E

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