How To Deepen Your Love For Life – A Powerful Exercise

How To Love Life – A powerful exercise to help you get re-connected with your passion for life.

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  1. i have this love hate relationship w Leo, bc he's always criticizing everyone as though he's perfect, and i feel myself getting defensive at times, although i know that that's something i can work on (to not be defensive), it's still confusing, because it's like u don't know ur audience, we're already hardworkers, but every time i start a video he makes me feel like shit about myself, i guess that works on some people ?!
    i don't really "love" life, i am sorta depressed but i am hard working; i think leo is overconfident at times despite not knowing first hand what he's talking about

  2. Nature
    Being creative
    Working with energies
    See the miracles in life
    Good food
    Being able to relax
    Feeling healthy, wealthy and wise

    And like you I’m not that social in the outside world…and yes having intelligent conversations is something I don’t have either with people. I have them on Twitter with few people….Twitter @2_11x11

  3. Damn, your list could be my list (I added cooking, and line drawings). Love that you are into art, design, art history, sex, creativity, and all the other stuff you mentioned. As usual, your presentation video talk is great and it will help think thru some a writing project I'm doing. Thank you Leo Gura.

  4. I was a pro strategy gamer but I had to quit to do something more meaningful in my life. To be honest to myself, I had to put gaming on this list. This made me a bit sad, but on the other hand gave me a bitter motivation to do something big that will be worthy for quitting one of my biggest passions 🙂

  5. Life is nice I love it and the most beautiful things that l love ar being creative .hc contact with relatives. Having information about everything. Travelling. Seeing beautiful things. Different people difficult culture

  6. 1 . Expanding my knowledge
    2. Funny / humour
    4.nature / especially peace air in beach discussion / forum
    8.babies and their ignorance
    9.clearminded time so that I can do what I can do of my heart says .

  7. Hey Leo just to let you know I am doing the exercise not just a casual observer

    a lot of my "loves" could come under the category of either learning or breaking through limitations; these are not in order of preference just the order they came to me
    1) learning to understand how the world/universe works
    -> studying economics from podcasts
    2) improving my social skills/fear of talking to strangers
    -> going out at least twice a week and pushing myself to speak to people I don't know – learning A LOT
    3) improving my fitness and ability to use my body since i basically dragged it around for the first 30 years of my life
    -> Trampoline and stretching every morning, yoga has slid away but mean to get back into it soon
    4) Overcoming wounds that stop me from doing the things I want to do
    -> journalling 3 pages a day plus see an IFS therapist
    lots of progress still some areas to improve
    learned to turn in compassionately and take care of the parts that are wounded instead of judging them
    5) Companionship
    -> hang out with house mate and have chats about progress
    -> libertarian meetups when they happen
    ->. could be seeing more old friends
    6) Helping and making a difference
    -> work
    7) Teaching / helping people understand things that took me a long time to understand quickly
    -> blog but has fallen by the wayside while concentrating on so many other areas.
    8) Playing music
    -> have just started playing again after long time hardly touching instruments but can't do everything at once
    9) Performing
    -> not made much time for this recently need to find good places to go since ones I know not such a great crowd
    10) Writing
    -> also felt a bit too demanding recently with other areas of focus but hoping hard work elsewhere will have knock on improvement in this area when I come back around

    There are areas for improvement I am trying to add daily habits as the previous get established using would like to add doing a gratitude journal every night soon haven't managed to commit yet.


  8. + Emotional music.
    + Impressive cinematics and CGI trailers.
    + Getting into the flow with energetic music at festivals, best when crowd is fully involved and shit feels tribal.
    + Humour and being humorous.
    + Space, nature & science (the awe/absurdity and beauty).
    + MMA / Boxing and interesting fighters. atmospheric/funny/energetic walkouts. Pre fight hype buildup.
    + Film and high quality shows / anime / animations.

    + Eloquence, battlerap, wordplay
    + Both vast immersive and fast-action video games.
    + Being energetic, playful/lighthearted/free and flowing moment to moment free from excessive concern.
    + Sharing helpful, funny and interesting shit with people.
    + Creative daydreaming with music

    + Being free from excessive rumination. Easily seeing through "serious" and negative/repetative thoughts with peace / lightness.
    + The comfy moment when tired as fuck and my head hits the pillow.
    + Facetiousness.
    + YouTube videos, documentaries  finding new interesting shit.

    + Seeing opportunities for enjoyment and action instead of being lost in staleness and apathy.
    + Periods of feeling connected to the universe / like my actions are aligned for whatever strange reason.
    + Psychology, the brain.
    + Societies, economics.
    + Self amusement (spontaneity, quotes and accents, jokes, annoying people lightheartedly)
    + Playful / adventurous experiences with girls
    + The female full body orgasm.
    + Interesting historical and modern day people.

    + When my actions are fueled by motivation and energy instead of discipline.
    + Self-improvement, success and eastern philosophy.
    + When life feels light and fresh instead of serious, draining and heavy.
    + Technology and creative innovation.
    + Moments of inspiration and clarity.
    + The brief moments of realising how crazy existence is instead of being locked into normalcy.

    How well is my work aligned with these?
    Not at all.

    How well are my hobbies aligned with these?
    Partially, could be much better.

    How well are my relationships aligned with these?
    Somewhat, much room for improvement.

  9. Very similar. Managed to detour my hobby into 3D and concept art. Single handedly covered multiple passions in a satisfying whole. Same issues with deep phylosofical discussions though. Very rare to find open minded individuals in real life (meaning offline) that simultaneously enjoy that sort of thing.

  10. 1.) fighting and the feeling you get dodging punches and making them eat air and ridiculing them and also the feeling you get when you knock some one out and the crowd go crazy .
    2.)guns,shooting range,hunting game
    3.)drugs mdma, Adderall,alcohol, nicotine,xanax plus caffeine, ghb etc.
    4.)big dogs like cane corso,boerboels, akitas
    5) sex with girls, especially some good head, especially cream pieing a girl throat while she swallows its and sucks it empty like its a straw omg….
    6)dunking on people ,hitting game winning shots, making people fall with cross overs
    9 horses and riding horse
    10} helping people and giving them meaningful advice and solution for life problems

  11. you know… what i love the most about your videos is whenever im off track and i go to see one of your videos,you always say some critical words that trigger and motivates something inside me.its really amazing how can you-through out a 20 mins video- affect my thoughts in a very positive way.and to be honest,i think your website is on my list for the most things i love in life; because it helps me to see and achieve the things i love,it helps me to be more happy,see the beauty of life and care about things that actually matters.
    you are really good at what you do,and thanks for sharing it with humanity.

  12. 6 out of the 10 things align with my job. And on my list are creativity and drawing… I was actually drawing while I watched the video. So I guess I'm doing a way better job at this than I thought. Thanks for the video 🙂

  13. Just what I needed. I liked your list too Leo. My ex dad in law passed away in the last 2wks, and my ex family needed support and compassion. I got down as I'm the single one and they all have each other. The experience showed me I'm compassionate but I lost contact with my Love for my Life. Now I feel back in the driver's seat ( this vid plus weekly therapy haha). Have a great Day everybody!

  14. Leo, great video, thank you!
    Finding one's passion in life is super important, I agree with you. Especially for people, who are pleasers and do what they think other people are expecting from them.
    What would you recommend to the person, who is already living passionate life, doing mostly what she loves, but … hardly finishing her month financially?
    I think that in this case, the analysis of your exercise should be more balanced, to reduce hedonism a bit and to increase stoicism.
    What do you think?

  15. I wrote a list too… i have more than ten thou. Okay it's 12.

    ~love- smiles and joy
    ~beauty of life (I really love to appreciate things)
    ~things people say to me about how they love me.
    ~when I feel it back
    ~The fun in nature with lakes and animals… friends to enjoy it with
    ~I love pets
    ~expressing myself: how I love people and good feelings
    ~I love people… really appreciate them when they are kind and loving
    ~feeling great… like interesting conversations… laughing with people… people that show love for me and I can love them back
    ~kisses and hugs
    ~playing and having a ball… such as games

  16. 1. Its great undiscovered mysteries.
    2. The unpredictability of it.
    3. The sweet feeling of love 😉
    4. The possibilities of it.
    5. The fact that I have friends to back me up in it.
    6. Its existence itself.
    7. The variety of visions upon it, and the way I choose to look upon it.
    8. The paradoxes.
    9. Sleeping 🙂
    10. Breaking it down and researching it.

  17. -Nature, the complexity & beauty of it all
    -Wonderment, what we don't know
    -Life itself, animals, plants
    -People, the complexities and simplicity of them
    -The Endless Possibilities
    -The Humor of it All
    -Excitement, the discovery process, learning, experiencing
    -The Largeness of it All
    -The Smallest Parts of it All
    The Interactions of all the Parts

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