How To Deal With Strong Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions – Learn the master key for conquering any negative emotion.

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  1. Then why are those pussies who are always emotional about everything so weak and talk about wanting kill themselves all the time? Seems like they are always allowing themselves to feel but they don't seem to get any stronger as a result.

  2. Oh my goodness. Thank you, Leo. I just got out of a relationship of 11 years and was not able to pull it together. It was the deepest sadness I have ever felt leading my mind in the darkest places. This video helped me much today. I don't think you will ever understand what you have done and the lives you have saved with this video. Thank you for helping me through this dark time of my life.

  3. Thanks for the video, but I have one question. In another video of yours (How to master & control your emotions), you told us negative emotions will lead to negative life experiences & fail to achieve life goals, so we need to reinterpret the circumstances in a positive way. This seems like a little bit in conflict with just accepting bad feelings and feeling them (be a superconductor). Can you help explain this? Thanks!

  4. It's really awesome when spiritually enlightened teachers agree with each other. Teal Swan speaks about these same principles & tactics. It's also neat I was already using some of these ideas intuitively. By applying them more consciously I have had more success. My twin flame is fast-tracking my spiritual journey lol

  5. when I had a hard breakup, I allowed myself to break. I cried for hours every day, and tried to scream my pain into songs, and talked about my feelings all the time. this method just made me hurt more as I pumped my situation and made it a lot worst than it was. only when I decided to stop hurting (which was still there) and came back to life and work I started to heal.

  6. Hey Leo I've watched you for years into the future of the making of This filming and you have lost it two drugs and ego under the guise an Awakening please return to this time the U in 2019 is terrible the you right now is wonderful

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