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  1. This guy is bs. He makes sense. But he talks from a place where he socially outcast and people piss him off and "Ill tell the truth" , but in reality he is a nobody. He shouldn't talk about it and make other people "englighten", he should get himself together. Until then they won't take him seriously. Seriously who is him??? A bald dude..

  2. Depression has robbed me off strength to live a common life.
    I’m trilingual and used to be a workaholic but currently unemployed since I found out I’m heavily depressed 1 year ago. What they say about depression is true. You lose interest in what you used to love and become so sensitive to stress or any negative emotions, which makes you hard to keep a conscious mind. My depression strikes after 18:00 every single day. I feel extremely lonely and socially anxious. But luckily some night I can have good sleep then in the morning I will feel better. However I can’t get out of the loop.
    The only reason I’m still here is one day, I tried to take depression as a real “disease” but not something about my shitty psychology(although I know it’s all about shitty psychology). The struggle I used to have was what is the most valuable and worthy job for me to do. But now the only mission for me is to survive this illness. It, in some way, gives me a simple but difficult mission to do.
    Then I start to take actions. With doubt and fear, I moved to a new city. I tried a job interview and luckily I got accepted easily. I start to mobilize my life. Wake up early in the morning, have breakfast, take less caffeine, after work I try to sleep early at night.
    Things worked perfectly at first but the stress form work beat my fragile psychology down. I become way more depressed and anxious after work. Insomnia kicks in. It takes hours for me to fall asleep and wake up. I become so unwilling to go to work even though it used to be my top passion. Then after an emotional breakdown I said goodbye to the job and I’m feeling better now.
    Living in a new city without income is mentally heavy burden. Sometimes I regret giving up on that job but… when you were anxious and depressed the only thing you want to do is to fly but not fight.
    My next step is to find a job that is less sociable. I’m still self blaming but I think I’ll keep looking out until there is no hope

  3. Depression cannot be overcome by one's strong will. This is a very US American take on things. Often, depression is caused by a low level of dopamine. This fact is well known in the medical research.

  4. Interesting curing method. It won't be good for me tho. Since I can remember (age 5) my body and mind has been in this survival mode. My whole life has been survival. I'm 21 and have no energy left.

  5. Thanks bro for the video(first vid of yours I've watched). I was really stuck in a rut for a few days and watching this really did lit a flame my ass and got me started doing all the things that I was procrastinating on.

  6. For me it's all of it: a rubbish job, no love life, poor health, rubbish friends, and a goddamn mother telling me I CANNOT be depressed because of this as it's no big deal.

  7. I still remember the time when I got myself out from depression months ago thanks to this depression treatment method “fetching kafon press” (Google it). I was unemployed on crutches abroad residing in a shoebox with a ruined soul. I feel a sense of relief right now since I want to get much better and I am moving towards the correct direction..

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  9. contradictory ideas, In the video of " you are not happy …." He says that we need to be carefree from everything if we need to be happy here he says you need to be highly responsible if you do not want to be depressed. I personally believe the best way to overcome depression is actually doing what needs to be done and let go of the ego mind. It is our thoughts that make us depress and if by any means we could pause our thoughts or direct our thoughts we"ll understand. Understanding of mind is actually controlling

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