How To Control Anger – The Shocking Truth Behind Your Anger Problems

How To Control Anger – Handle your anger once and for all by understanding its root cause, and using these techniques.

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We get angry when someone or something violates our standards, even though we may be the only one who knows what the standard is. People who are angry are operating at a low level of consciousness. Almost nothing out in the world can justify an angry outburst — the problem is on the inside, not with the world.

Giving in to your anger doesn’t reduce or purge it, but actually reinforces it, forming a bad habit.

Sometimes you can talk yourself out of the anger for the minute. Remember that the person you’re judging so harshly never agreed to abide by your standards. Can you accept that their value system may be different than yours? Ask yourself if you’ve ever done the same thing that you’re now judging so harshly. Think of some possible scenarios why they may have done it.

Your anger arises from the disintegration of part of yourself. Your anger is caused by repressing or denying something within you. Your ego can’t deal with the contradiction of the standard you wish to enforce, when you can’t uphold it yourself. So you project blame onto someone who exhibits the same behavior. Once you realize what shortcoming is making your so judgmental and angry, you can work to change it.

  1. People with anger issues getting angry to a video about confronting, and not simply narcotizing under the rug, whatever makes us angry. Great start. I myself trying my best and failing once, and again, and again… Awesome content. Thank you.

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  3. I'm sure you've helped others with your other videos, but this one is just, ironically, enraging. You're like the school bully making fun of the people who play in the band all while never having picked up a musical instrument yourself. You're a real a**hole, man.

  4. Thanks for that asshole. I have a lot of built up anger from PTSD, Trauma abuse and developed over years and I never wanted it to form. Putting people down and calling them a loser for their issues is literally the opposite of what an angry person needs. Of what ANYONE needs really. So… Passive aggressive much? I say HELL YES. Be nicer and more gentle dude. You're lucky I have a spunky attitude..some poor other bastard would probably be dead from this. (And I mean, their heart shot out.)

  5. anyone who know the anger beast, i got help 10 years ago and i still lose it, it just never goes away. i respect this guys opinion, i have been trying my damn guts out to be better. watching my father smash my mother and stab her were not easy things to grow up with

  6. You’ve NEVER experienced anger “supposedly”, so how you could you ever know how it starts, where it’s comes from? Not to mention we people with a lack of emotional control comes to you for help and you insult us, no THATS disgusting. You have hatred in your heart for no reason

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