How To Become Rich – The Number One Reason You’re Not Already Rich

How To Become Rich – The wisdom, not gimmicks, that you must understand to become ridiculously rich and fulfilled.

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With so many people trying to tell you how to get rich, why aren’t you rich already?

Obviously, you’re listening to the wrong advice. Stock tips and quick cheats are not the path to wealth. “But they all tell me it’s supposed to be ‘so simple’ … ?” Oh, it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

Just five basic principles — the principles that rich folks practice to GET rich — can make your life transcend your fondest dreams. These principles are so simple as to appear simplistic, but they aren’t:



Do what you’re passionate about.

Make it extraordinary.

Accept responsibility.

That’s it … five super-short sentences, a mere dozen words. You were expecting more?

Oh, there is more, but the “more” has to come from you — from the soul-searching process of adopting each precept, but still finding your own unique way in this world. And it must be a way that others want a piece of, too. So much for the first four …

The fifth principle, “Accept responsibility,” is the hardest and least-often adopted by the would-be-rich. That’s why they typically remain the wanna-be’s.

Do you have the courage to hear the hard truth and then press it into service?

  1. I want to say hello from another Leo! Thank you for all your generous advice. I watched this video about a year ago and since have attempted two businesses which both failed. 🙁 However, I have learnt a lot and keep going, constantly trying to get over a deep psychological restriction that I don't deserve to be rich. My new business plays to my strengths and with lots of research and the help of my partner, and my experience, I have set up a small publishing venture with a clear plan to make it big! My first book is out

  2. To get rich you should've invested $100 bucks in bitcoin in 2010 like me. I didn't have to create jack shit. I just took a small risk and it made me the richest person in the world to not have to do any work. BOOM bitches

  3. Great video. I work hard as hell and always get praised for how fast I catch on. The first time this ever happened was in the oilfield and many co-workers hated me for it and always told me to slow down and claimed I was trying to make them look bad. Unfortunately that came to an end due to lay off. But I was not handpicked. We all got f***. The whole yard closed(Not the company)… I made it through multiple lay offs and ended up on a skeleton crew before that.

    After having that job in which I was hoping to make a career, it ended.

    On to the next job…
    I felt after the previous job that I could do anything ( Already feeling that way before…). The new job that I acquired with no exp. had the same starting pay but with much less hrs is shit. The previous job paid 3x more take home (after: insurance, 401k and taxes.) They had great things to say about me as well. But they dont pay shit and there are guys making not much more than me (around 5 but up to 10 dollars more) that have been in it for 20-30 yrs. The problem is, some of them SUCK! I produce more than they do any day. That being said, this video is inspiring as hell and I feel I should be doing my own thing. Working for an employer is a joke. If I could figure out money barrier that keeps me from getting my own business I would gladly hire good workers and pay them better than the average. That is my goal. I dont necessarily want to get rich but be comfortable and make my workers feel proud to get paid more than the average. That is my dream. It must happen! This vid is helpful thank you much!

  4. Tons of money have equal amount of problems :

    Here is, for example, one of social thing, touching your close relationships topic:

    Like if all your relatives don't give a shit about you and your life, but with money suddenly they start care, that is first thing that happens 😀 Then you loose them all and became greedy full of shit asshole, in their eyes, for not helping them. Opposite scenario is – you start helping them out and wasting huge amount of your own resources(financial, time, psychological, social), just to become acceptable family caring rich uncle(aunt). All this in future could potentially became a big problem, or just be a small bonus in your public view and opinion, in one or in another way.

    That is only one, pretty simple and solvable thing (for millionaires mind), that you will be thinking once in while (or everyday) when you become rich. Your dear family, who will be for you: a warm support, or pain in ass. There are more much serious social things you'll be forced to be aware, consider, think, decide, decline or accept, for your capital well-being and growing.

    Money by themselves will never make you happy, only the process of getting them – will. That heroic(villain) feeling you'll have, of growing your power among other people lives and world impact of your personal decisions – that what will make you enjoy yourself about what you do and for what you will continue to live.

    Become rich only if you have these itchy feelings about unresolved & unfulfilled ambitions in your life. And be prepared to everything that comes along with big money.

  5. Hey, Leo, so I am just starting out in this world, how can I apply this to me? I am 19 years old. I am trying to build the infrastructure to my life by training to be a personal trainer, from there I want to build my own business. I will eventually buy your course online, but how can a young man like me use all these videos you make? thanks
    btw I started going to the gym, I enrolled on this course and I have always wanted to do these two things, funnily enough; my life started changing dramatically when I started binging all your videos while playing GTA!

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