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  1. Leo, if only it would be so easy for mass minds. As an awakened, one of realisation you had to have is that you can not really pass an enlightenment to anyone. Also language will never be able to express it thus all attempt fall into dual perception, that creates more mind concepts.
    If enlightenment could be explained people would never go through inner evolution, that can only be done by one within itself, for that one usually go through a deep unconscious suffering, without suffering how you do you think people will ever get it or even question it? Besides, they are not a doers, true awakening ultimately not within their power.
    Another thing, this world needs sleeping people, only sleeping people waking up other sleeping by clashing their egos against each other.

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  3. This another level of bullshit no we are given choice and we will go through good and bad but we will learn that we are all equal n yeah god can do the judging but why do I feel on a physical level? This is so in heaven we will all be equal so stop deceptions

  4. Yeah so you are saying that feeling that I had being molested as a child I should accept that okay Satan the master of deception god said protect your mind so that it can't be fooled by Satan. N maybe not u but something is gettn in your head to say its okay basically anarchy n no care for desrtuction or consequence Satan is going to be destroyed so why take all gods people from him maybe he will still take us all and we will all see that choices do have affects

  5. I am not sure about enlightenment as a destination. Perhaps I am not enlightened but I have come a long way along the awakening path which I measure by the sense of peace I have "that passeth all understanding" the joy of being I feel, and the fact that my thoughts have decreased by 80%. If someone insults or attacks me, which does not happen much anymore, it goes right through me as if there is no-one there. You can't fake that ie tell yourself you are not angry or upset–you genuinely don't feel angry or upset there is no desire to attack back or defend yourself. It is such a powerful feeling–you don't need people to behave in a certain way, you don't need external circumstances to make you feel peace and joy anymore. Also the funny thing is the abundance you felt you needed to make you happy starts happening to you. You can enjoy those good things that happen but you are not dependent on them or attached to them anymore! I thought i was almost there but from what Leo says I am a long way from the aha moment? Any thoughts from someone who has walked this road?

  6. In my journey thus far, Back in late December of 2012. I took 40 10mg Valiiums. They were prescribed to me. I really thought I was shortly going to be "Outta Here?" Obviously God had the real deal plans for my personal beliefs that I've been taught in this life I've been "living" in the past 46+ years. Well I woke up the next day. No hangover nor headache, not even disorientation? Ever since that day I have been shown so many Beautiful Images and Events as well as many Extremely Evil Ones too. I experienced the most Terrifying and Scariest Feeling that I have Ever Fealt Physically & Spiritually. Hands down it was a overwhelming feeling of FEAR, REGRET, SHAME & REMORSE. I believe I may have been shown a "Reaction" from my selfish Action? Since then many places that I once visited on a regular basis had suddenly changed beyond "Everyday, Normal and expected changes". One example is a childhood friend who passed away back in the early 90'S at 17 yrs. old whose Mother passed away from (Breast cancer) around 2014 and who was buried with Her only Child, my friend. I visited my friends grave and was confirmed of Her Mothers demise from an employee who worked in the cemeterys office long enough to remember my friends death too. For shewas killed in a horrific car accident which also claimed two other teenagers that were in the same car that day with my friend. The woman told me about Her Mothers passing and I went and visually confirmed their two names myself. Now both of their names were on the headstone. A couple of months later. My friends name remained still on the headstone, however Her Mothers name was not on it any longer? My first thought was, was She resurrected or something? It is Marble Tombstone, where the names are chiseled into it. so it's not like it was a bronze plate that could've obviously been removed by vandalism or something? Another Mystery I guess? And I was and am shown the dimensions numerous times that we are definitely within. Sorta like a Matrix, yet as Humans we simply cannot comprehend it's actual size and/or dimensions within and all round about it?Ive been accompanied along with the spiritual guide's that do and will assist and help you/me/us and whom have been there with each of us ever since I've first was able to visually see them. They cannot intervene on our behalf, but they will and do help us along if and when they're asked too. Our guardian's, if you will, they are individually assigned to us and sincerely enjoy helping in any and everyway that they're aloud too? I can see their silhouettes usually when I have my eyes closed and am laying down or relaxing in bed or anywhere. They do walk around as well as they also communicate with me on a regular basis through the spirit, not like a face to face conversation. They Help but Not to the point of interfering with me negatively ever at all. Although yes I have had to go through that type of Hell or Test of being in a True Evil area of this Matrix along with many, many Demons (They Will Try Relentlessly To Kill You) PLEASE Tell them that I Rebuke You Satan in the Name of Jesus Christ, IF AND ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE THAT HE ( Jesus) WILL REMOVE THEM FROM YOUR LIFE. Do not use The Lords Name In Vain. You will be Blaspheming the Holy Ghost which is the Unforgivable Sin. Eventuallythe negativity and Extremely Evil events and happenings slowed to a near stop. I am closer to getting to the open door that I've been repeatedly shown in these visions. For me it helps give myself a kind of reference point that I've been walking within my own personal journey. Your journey may and could be completely different than mine. So please follow your own Heart, Soul & Spirit and Believe in it with your All. For I have no intention nor reasons to ever mislead or deceive anyone of you my brethren. I walk Humbly with God. I Trust In the Lord and I am diligently seeking Thee Two and Always Walking by Faith. Remember what is impossible for Man is Possible with GOD. Please Forgive all of us for our sins and God Please Bless Everyone of Us Now. Thank You In Jesus's Christs name I pray to You, A-men. Different strokes for different folks. And Yes I Do Trust Leo even though He states that It isn't true. But I believe it sure as Hell could be and is too an extent. Thanks You Leo

  7. This idea of saying that when I'm not looking at something it does not exist is this just a concept that I'm supposed to use to help me break through or do I have to literally believe this because I know that places I have been before can be visited by other people so that place exists even though I'm no longer there and not witnessing it… now I do believe that that place isn't actually real it's just something that we can perceive

  8. I dont know if anyone has, but i wanted to thank you for putting this content on, alot of people talk about becoming enlightened but dont post information on how to attain it, i was lost i had no idea what i was getting into. Now that i do, im going to really try, so again. Thank You

  9. Thank you dear messenger!
    OMG I was so closed to what you are talking about. I was meditating and suddenly thought came – there are nothing exist only you. Only what you draw attention and aware is real right now.
    I get worried and opened my eyes and saw my room but was absolutely convinced for some reason that there are nothing outside of my room. I really get confused… Next two days I could not speak to people I was wondering what going on with me? After 2 days that feeling left me…

  10. Reason you can't explain it is you never close guess lie you know pathtic truth is explainable a reliogion false prophets pieces of Truth in all . Government took them day one they never believe just seen how it controlled people thought or guessed they real smart the idiots will pay dearly for it to with intrust owed lie still lie if you know it or not is lie . If people would stop defending lies and listen to truth in half hour maybe they would know truth see how where each religion is false prophets and how they all piece of one truth and Bible should only be few pages long and would cover all the false branches people demand lies refuse truth kill even defending lies this way they kill they don't know yet believe lie can't explain it yet fight for it is unbelievable ego and me s.art your lie dumb morons

  11. This guy and many guessing and if you were you might not notice why at first but you will never call people normal or much more then many after shown people during enlightening is unbelievable at first then you realize they think you like them almost puke and begin

  12. Who is looking for the answer of "who am I"?
    Who is looking for it, is the answer.
    That's it. But ego is always saying: "That can not be all, where is my enlightment?"
    Okay, then search another 10 years, until the mind gives up.

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