How To Be Yourself – Become Your Authentic Self Right Now

How To Be Yourself – Stop being a people-pleaser and start living your life true to who you are.

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  1. Is it practical to be authentic if being authentic will bring negative consequences (rejection)? I agree that theoretically that self acceptance/internal validation is best, but what if society rejects your authentic self (healthy self image versus toxic society/culture). It's easy to conform and be successful (work/family/etc), but nonconformity brings stress (rejection/conflict/isolation).

  2. I have had the same best friend since 1st grade. I am now in 8th grade and I am struggling to be myself. I couldn’t give a shit what the rest of my grade thinks of me. She is my only friend and if I lose her I will have nobody. I want to be my authentic self, but what if she doesn’t like me anymore. I doubt she will diss me because we love eachotber and we are such good fiends. But I just can’t stop thinking of loosing her. Any advice?

  3. Being yourself is actually so hard. I might sound really fake writing this but it is really difficult. I was fake for so long and now whenever I am myself and something doesn’t go my way I get very tempted to go back to my old ways. People are very uncomfortable with my level of honesty. I can see why people hide who they are so often. It has been pretty cool changing though I must admit. I’ve been quite surprised at the amount of people who actually like me for who I am. It’s pretty cool

  4. man…this hit a lot of points for me. However, I think it's incomplete.

    Here's why: I'm pretty sure my cousin watched this years ago, because whenever something bothers her, she lets you know it. The problem is, EVERYTHING bothers her and she basically just fights with everybody. It's so bad now that no one can be around her for too long. She doesn't have any friends anymore and her family tries to avoid her. It's really sad and unfortunately not an exaggeration.

    So I think what is missing from this video is stopping for a moment to figure out how you want to address the situation (what is your authentic response NOT just the first emotional response). We can't just react, we have brains for a reason so if something bothers you, you can speak up about it, but in a way that at the end of it, you still feel good about yourself.

  5. Yesterday i felt depression for the first time in my life it lasted for like 3hours at that moment i though im falling apart im sick but after hearing u said i think i made a crack in that dusty covered light and i thank for that ur channel is helping people

  6. So I typed into youtube "How to be your true self if you're a Leo" and I got this video. I was like "huh…ok, not sure if this is what I'm looking for". Then the guy's like "Hi, I'm Leo" and I was like lol ok

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