How To Be Funny – Comprehensive Guide To Developing A Sense of Humor

How To Be Funny – Suck at humor? Learn how to develop a sense of humor with zero prior experience and how to use it to become attractive to girls and guys alike.

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  1. I guess in that regard I'm very, very German. I don't laugh much and my sense of humor is basically nonexistent. I don't take life seriously, but I also don't find it particularly funny… I wouldn't even have a problem with it, but I want a relationship and my lack of humor is what kills me.

  2. I dont care what any of these basic bitches or the snobs say. As an overly logical, serious, analytical person this was incredibly powerful.

    It's not about the examples, it's about the concept. You're a godsend man. I thought I'd lost my sense of humor forever. Thank you.

  3. Damn, I am exactly the guy he described he was and his tips of seeing the fun in everything and losing your filters are great, but in the Netherlands his humor just won't work. I know I have humor, but he didn't make me laugh even once… And that frustrates me, because I'm in desperate need of developing this skill…

  4. I'm a female so many of your examples won't work for me. I want to learn to be funny because I'm in a competitive career and even though people tell me I work really hard and get good results, I still find trouble having them listen to my ideas. I want to learn to be less serious and in my own head while enjoying life more. I've been told I'm attractive and sweet but that's not enough to be taken seriously. Thanks!

  5. Poor me! I want to say "I am a rascal" during 5 minutes but I don't know exactly what it means. I look in a English-Thai dictionary. There are many meanings. I don't know which one Leo means. When I want to affirm it there are too many meanings popped-up until I get confused and maybe headache. Rich me! if someone help me to clarify it for me in English.

  6. Summary :

    Why? Humour helps you be charismatic and open doors (to girls and pretty much anywhere else).
    What it requires:
    1. Start to change the lens in which you see the world i.e. Shift the lens of seriousness/ analytical mindset,
    2. See humour everywhere
    3. Eradicate anxiety by willing to be goofy
    4. Spontaneity

    What is humour?
    Releases tension from change of expectations (punchline).

    How? Look for humour in the mundane.
    1. Ridiculous situations, taken to crazy proportions. Ridiculous compliment
    2. Role-playing = Arrogant King/Divas
    3. Self-deprecating humour = obnoxious putting-yourself-down.
    4. Blunt social commentary = call out the underlying feelings in social situation.
    5. Use goofy noises, faces, smiles
    6. Breaking expectations completely (going against the grain).

    Exercises: randomsentence-building, visualisations and affirmations.

    My own two pence:
    7. Make your joke and laugh genuinely yourself.
    8. Stop people-pleasing, and start going to the gym.
    9. Imagine you are drunk.
    10. Use humour as a part of a conversation, to break the ice, and then every now and then. Try use it to move towards deeper, meaningful conversations and overall connection.


  7. Why is this only created for a"guy" audience? Eh… Some of us just want to laugh more and genuinely be more happy. Now I don't want to watch this video. It's so crappy creepy that guys would only want to be funny to get with a girl.

  8. For anyone who has followed those steps in the video, does it work? Because I found myself struggling to come up with jokes after I had kept forcing and asking myself what i can say in the situation to make it funny. I've tried that technique for a few days and it didn't work. It just made me feel embarrassed because I couldn't act normally when I was doing it. Or should I try it more? But sometimes i can't hold the embarrassment any longer!

  9. These things usually come spontaneously to me,I didn't have to practice,and I wasn't even aware I am using most of these tips.These tips help,as well as watching effective comedies and then mimicking the methods those actors use.

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