Leadership – How to lead people by consensus and why this skill is important for everyone.

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  1. Summary notes for this video:

    You really need to be a leader in order to live a full life.

    The greatest joy in life can only come when you contribute to the world.

    Lead: yourself, small business, social circle, marriage, intimate relationship, community.

    Common misconception: a leader fight for power, control.

    Modern leader: lead by consensus building. Starts with dissatisfaction with status quo.

    Imagine a better future – communicate it to others very effectively with compassion, passion, integrity, emotion.

    Key skill: visioning.

    What the … could be like? (their life, society, business, marriage, personal life).

    Most people so stuck in the present moment: immediate problem, selfishness. Can't see the better future.

    • Leader lives in a higher reality.

    • Let's work towards that: better future.

    • You can create huge reality change, shape reality for the better.

    Know how to rally people: break out of comfort zone – evolution, competition is safer than now.

    Have a realistic plan: shape reality not just talk.

    • Learn and understand how system works.

    • Stand in the eye of the hurricane: stay strong and calm – champion the vision and go through.

    • Take full responsibility for yourself and others.

    • Comfortable being outside of comfort zone (rare).

    • Self-leadership first.

    • Learn how to manage self-talk, fear, influences.

    • Study and learn how to change system, develop niche specific technique.

    8 Key Roles Leader PLAY:

    1. Visionary

    2. Aligner: align different value, agenda together to create a cohesive direction.

    3. Conflict resolver

    4. Creator

    5. Motivator

    6. Conscious role model

    7. Facilitator: help them solve their own problems.

    8. Bringer of people: from the known to the unknown.

    10 Key QUALITIES of Leadership:

    1. Unwavering courage

    2. Self-control

    3. A keen sense of justice

    4. Definiteness of decision and Plan

    5. Do than more pay for

    6. A pleasing personality

    7. Sympathy and understanding

    8. Mastery of detail

    9. Willingness to assume full responsibility

    10. Corporation

    10 FAILURE point for leadership

    1. Inability to organize detail

    2. Unwillingness to render humble service: arrogant leader

    3. Expectation of pay for mere knowledge (just for how much you know?) — apply to change.

    4. Fear of competition from followers.

    5. Lack of imagination

    6. Selfishness

    7. Intemperance or anger

    8. Disloyalty

    9. Emphasis of the authority of leadership

    10. Emphasis of title.

    Put yourself on track on the hero journey.

    I can't way someone to do it for me, i have to be a leader to creat that.

    Find smth outside yourself you living for. Fight, work, bleed, die for.

    Growing your body, emotional awareness, skill set, consciousness — fully realized leader – make CHANGE happen.

    You are on TOP of the world (God's eye view) – conquor yourself, the world.

    A high conscious of satisfaction, connect with the world.

    Gave it your all. Save it highest beauty in life.


  2. My goal is to have my own company with employees that love what they do. They come into work and smile and have a great time. I want to make a change. But I am not sure how to find that. There are so many things out there. Any tips?

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