From Pandemic to Purpose: How to use this time of pause to awaken your soul’s calling

There’s no surprise that our world has experienced so much over the past few months. Chapters of history books have been vigorously flipped through in such a short time, which has left many of us wondering “what’s next”?

It’s by no coincidence that you were put here for such a time as this. Within you is a unique gift that was specifically designed for you to carry out into this world. Your innate purpose has the ability to bring about deep healing and raise the vibration of the planet. Inside of you is a powerful leader that many are desperately seeking right now.

By using this time to awaken your own potential and elevate, you will inspire others to do the same. Prior to this pandemic maybe you found yourself in the mundane flow of daily routines, allowing life to happen to you, but not for you. Maybe your days were spent behind a desk, devoid of passion. Perhaps you were “too busy” to ever take the time and ask yourself what it was you truly wanted to do. Well, now is the time to redefine your new “normal.”

I understand where you are because I was once there, too. Before living in Los Angeles as a multimillion-dollar success coach and author for female entrepreneurs, I was a struggling psychotherapist living in Detroit, Michigan. After working my way through school, doing everything “right” according to societal standards, I had accrued over $75,000 worth of debt and was living at home with my parents. I knew I wanted to help people, but spending my days in an office serving minimal clients and working overtime plus weekends, just to barely make ends meet, left me feeling depleted. My intuition knew I was meant for more. And by taking a leap of faith and making the decision to be more, I am now able to serve a global audience and live a more fulfilled life. I am here to say it is possible!

Has your intuition been telling you that you are meant for more, too?

Now is the time, more than ever, to unveil this intimate awakening within and start living your life. Just think how amazing it would be to wake up every day knowing you are making an incredible impact, getting paid to just be you, and finally feel like you aren’t only surviving but THRIVING. Imagine the joy you’d feel if you stopped living by other people’s “rules,” doing only what’s expected of you, and instead do life your way on your terms.

If you’re a female entrepreneur looking to step into your full potential and claim your personal power to better receive abundance, live a fulfilled life, and reprogram your mindset, I have the perfect programs for you!

Also, starting July 20, 2020 join me (and thousands of other women across the globe) in a FREE 5-day challenge, Discover Your Queenly Purpose. Together we will get you clear and confident so that you never settle for less again. In this challenge, you will transcend out of living in question and instead live in purpose. No longer fearing, waiting, or feeling uncertain about your next move. The possibilities are endless once you can position yourself in this way. When you sign up for these five epic days, prepare yourself to walk away with a gift many spend their whole lives searching for — purpose.

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