From Nothing To Entrepreneur

My name is Mitchell King a freelance copywriter and entrepreneur from London, England. To start this article off I would like to explain my previous mind-set and attitude to life, when I was sixteen I had many problems growing up because I never got the right support at school. This had a tremendous effect regarding to my life living with a learning disability I never knew I had, it was only until recently I had a diagnosis from the NHS (National Health Service) that informed me of this disability.

Now I understand why it was so difficult to understand and retain information, I was never inspired at school and I never had any dreams. I would isolate myself because everyone else was achieving their goals and were obtaining success within school curriculum, I was one to leave school and hang out with so called “friends” that shared a similar mind-set to myself such as, “school Is a waste of time”, “I’m never going to get anywhere so I wont try”. However I was very vulnerable and didn’t want to succeed in life, all my friends were smoking either cigarettes or marijuana and unfortunately I pick up both.

Now at sixteen this pathway is rough not understanding the risks that could impact my future and not taking into consideration of what my family would think of me. On the other hand, school life was coming to an end and college life was speeding round the corner. I thought I would be able to meet other people that were like me with low self-esteem and have the “rebel mind-set”. College life was starting and it was time to create a future for myself, not really having the support at school made me think it would be the same at college, however I was completely wrong.

The support at college was absolutely impeccable the staff were amazing I couldn’t fault the amount of support that they gave me. I started to think a little differently about life but still did not have a clue what I was capable of, nor did I know what career to pursue. At this time I was constantly changing my interests and hobbies trying to find my place in the world, I completed college and left with certificates that made a massive impact on my confidence and self-esteem.

It was time to find work, not knowing what I wanted to do as a career I ended up taking part as a cleaner at a local school with terrible pay, some days I wouldn’t even get paid to work but I guess that’s when I started thinking of ideas. Back in school I had many ideas to pursue regarding business but never took it to the next level, feeling like a failure all the time was holding me back from become a successful entrepreneur. Fast forward to today , I currently own my own business where I pioneer my own creative knowledge to preform successfully and get the results I want.

I never thought I would leave old friends behind and start a new, losing contact with friends that were troublesome who only brought negative energy to the table. I am proud to be an entrepreneur helping writers and bloggers/businesses accumulate their goals by writing content that stands out and produces the upmost potential. To be a entrepreneur you need to be a high achieving person who is willing to go the extra mile to please their customers, always be yourself don’t let your ego decide your future. Push your limits, and become an entrepreneur.

I have a extreme passion for success and have the ability to pursue my career as a content writer and copywriter, as an entrepreneur I pioneer other teachings to include into my company and that tends to help the process of engaging with clients. Being an entrepreneurial thinker has made an outstanding impact in my life due to the fact it has opened my eyes to new opportunities and has gained me more knowledge regarding business. Previously, I have created many companies and groups trying to change and make a difference in one’s life.

As an entrepreneur it takes a lot of brain power and energy to come up with new ways to effectively add value to the makertplace. Personally I believe in what ever you put in is what you will get out of something, my main target as a business leader is to expand and execute top quality content to then gain more prospects and liaise with clients. Don’t get me wrong, being an entrepreneur is difficult and requires a lot of work to reap the benefits of financial gain. What I will say is, follow your dreams and DON’T CHASE MONEY. finance will come to you once you have made an impact upon a community.

I believe that you can be an entrepreneur and be an asset to a company, follow your heart and don’t let negative people drag you down.

Become an entrepreneur not for the money but for the hard work and dedication.

by Mitchell King


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