Follow Your Dream

“Everyone Has a dream That only a few truly pursue.” This is something I’ve learned along my Journey of following My Dream.

You will Meet people who have the same Dream and aspiration as you in hopes of achieving That one Common Goal… But What Makes your chances of Making that dream a reality different from the tens of Millions of people who have the same dream as you?

Is there a Difference? Yes, Everyone is Born into this world Unique, even when it comes to identical Twins Who look exactly alike but Live two different Lives, Names, and Minds with Many similarities.

It really hurts me to see people give up one something they’ve worked So hard for. Putting time and energy into it Just for all of it to go to waste! Nothing is more harmful to the soul than to waste ones Time. This, This is what differentiates a Winner From a Loser and a Dreamer From a Dream chaser.

I stopped Looking for Motivation a Long time ago, The Motivation comes from you knowing that you “can” and are capable of doing whatever you put your mind to and that there is no changing that. Although It is not impossible to achieve greater with the mentality that you “don’t” have a chance of making it, but there’s a high possibility that the guy who truly believed in himself will make it further on his journey faster.

Empower yourself, We’ve Heard many stories on Celebrities starting with nothing at all, in harsh living conditions than what we have today. The major misconception is that this “unknown entity” hand picks certain individuals to live the life they desire, and the only actual work they have to do was take the opportunity. This way of thinking is wrong and don’t expect to get far thinking that you are special. Your chances of doing great things are no different from the people who’s already done it. Don’t wait for the opportunity to present itself, make the opportunity.

There’s a world out there full of dream chasers like you. You don’t know the impact your story about your journey could have, You’ve inspired me to write this article because i support fellow Entrepreneurs… The key is to Follow your Dream and Live happy.

By Rahmir Harris

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