Did you recently graduate? Do you know where in the world of work you’re headed next? Whether or not you do, engaging a mentor to help you may be the smartest move you can make.

~ If you know what field you’d like to get into, whether you plan to seek out a traditional job, join the gig economy, or go into business for yourself, getting help from a mentor is a smart move. A mentor who knows about the field you want to get into can quickly bring you up to speed on recent developments in that field. He or she may also be able to help you decide which companies to apply to if you’re seeking a traditional job.

~ And what if you don’t know what field you’d like to get into? A mentor may be just the ticket. He or she can help you evaluate your unique combination of education, interests, and abilities and steer you to a career that’s logical for you.

We can help you find the right person! Just sign up, fill out a simple form, and choose from among the four names we’ll send you. It’s that simple, and you’re on your way!

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