Father’s Day #TheseDays

As I look ahead to yet another Father’s Day without my dad it’s so very hard to believe he’s been gone for three years now, as it is equally difficult to realize that it has been over two months since my brother in-law’s wife passed away and less than ten weeks ago that my aunt lost her son.

This means that others besides me, have also been grieving the loss of a family member e.g. grandparent, parent, spouse, child, brother, brother in-law, sister, sister in-law, aunt, uncle, cousin and/or a close friend.

The point is everybody loses someone, but not all losses are the same, nor do we all grieve the same way or at the same pace. Just like every relationship is different, so is every loss, but they can end up sharing two very different and distinct characteristics, gratitude and regret.

It was these thoughts, coupled by this quote from “Remember” by English poet Christina Rossetti ―”Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad” that inspired me to write the following parable.

I truly hope “These Days” heartfelt message provides those who are missing their dad (or anyone else) dear to their heart, with a measure of gratitude for what was, and less regret about what remains.

These Days

A lot has changed since you’ve been gone.
And I wish; I’d known, all along.
How your loss would always mean.
My having to wonder; what might have been.

I now believe with all my heart.
We grieve two people when, we part.
It’s the one we love; that’s for sure.
And the one; we once were.

Sometimes, I don’t know whom,
I miss the most. Maybe because,
We were so close.

I knew life would turn on a dime when you said,
“We’ve had lots of time.” And I found; just how tough it would be.
When I said, “We’ll never have enough, for me.”

There are times, although you’re no longer here;
When I feel you near and it becomes so very clear.

It’s a memory like this that helps one see.
As sad, as it makes me; how grateful, I should be.

So, we must never forget the past.
It’s only our regrets we should cast.
In many ways there is no blame.
These days will just never be the same.

©2019 Richard Lawrence Belford

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About the Author: Richard Lawrence Belford is an inspirational writer, a father of two daughters and the eldest of three sons who grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He has been twenty-year creative journey that has not only allowed him to become well published, but also fueled his genuine desire to provide faith, comfort and hope to those in grief.

His inspirational writings are illustrated with photography on a series of wall décor products beautifully designed by Reed Photo Art & Imaging Inc. A complete collection of these inspiring wall decor products showcasing Richard’s writings including the one below can be viewed by visiting his website’s Product Gallery.

Richard is also the author of “It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later” an inspirational book about life, love and loss whose parables honor the memory of those dear to our heart. A parable is a symbolic short story that illustrates or teaches some truth, religious principle or moral lesson.

The book is available from the Centering Corporation and Grief Digest Magazine’s Grief Resource Library and can also be purchased world-wide on amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com in the United States and in Canada on chapters.indigo.ca

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