Fall in Love with the Journey

“Too many people are obsessed with the thing they want and goals and dreams instead of being obsessed with the journey” -Gary V

It isn’t always the easiest of tasks to appreciate the ups and downs in life equally. If it was, everyone would be doing it. Only about 1% of people actually live out their dreams. Should that, realistically outpace the other 99% that spend their lives working towards their dreams? Does it make sense to not appreciate and enjoy the time we spend working on those dreams?

The journey is a wild ride filled with high highs and low lows. It’s in the thick of the ride that you find what you’re really made of. People are so scared of failure that it’s preventing them from growing at all.

Instant gratification has sugar coated the business industry as so many “entrepreneurs” are fake. We don’t live in this great entrepreneurship age that people keep claiming; we live in an era of fake entrepreneurs. People who claim they’ve made it. When in reality, these people have a mock personality on social media. They have nothing to back it up, they make no money because they have nothing to sell. If you’re not getting likes on IG then who are you?

As a business man and entrepreneur it is easy to spot the people that have the fake it till you make it mindset, which hasn’t worked since before our lives were made transparent on social media. They attach themselves to people bigger than themselves in the industry and ride on their curtails. It looks cool for a while, but in a few years, when they still haven’t made any money, what will happen?

Rather than pretending to be on top, to look good now, why aren’t you learning, building, growing and enjoying the journey to the real pedestal? The problem with the theory is that you are training yourself to indulge on the instant gratification of what looks like success and panicking when it doesn’t make you profitable. Change your mindset to accept the ups and downs as part of your overall success and you will see the change pour into all aspects of your life.

The journey IS your story. Embrace it.

Jacob Cline

Cline is a business entrepreneur, consultant and marketing professional in the Chicago Land area. With a sports background playing minor level professional hockey, Cline found a new passion in the Brand Marketing & Sales field. Jacob has a naturally competitive spirit, which allowed him to pick up skills from an early age and throughout his hockey career that would set him up for success in becoming a young entrepreneur. His diverse skill set made him an effective leader and business owner, which led to subsequent success in representing fortune 100 & 500 companies throughout the country.

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