Easy Steps on How to Stop Procrastination Today

Procrastination happens whenever you have a looming deadline and instead of doing your work, you choose to do other things. Instead of doing the ‘more’ important things, you opt to do some unnecessary activities that, definitely, just wasted your time. And then you soon realized that you only have little time to finish all your work. You used up your time doing the unimportant things and ended up losing the time allotted for the important tasks you’re supposed to be doing already. While there are varied reasons why people procrastinate, some are valid and some are not, delaying your work is not good at all. However, here’s a good news for the self-proclaimed procrastinators out there: procrastinate can be stopped. Yes, it is possible to take control of your life again and live a meaningful life by stopping this bad habit. It’s not yet too late to get rid of procrastination and you can do it NOW. If you are interested to know how to stop procrastination, then read on and find out.

5 easy steps to stop procrastination

1) Identify your reasons for procrastinating

Laziness can be one of the reasons why people procrastinate. However, there is also more profound explanation why some people are really good at procrastinating. Fear of failure, low self-confidence, and the hunger for perfection are just among the few other reasons why people procrastinate. It is important to know the underlying cause of this habit so you’ll know what action you’ll do to stop it.

2) Plan Ahead

The beauty of planning is that it allows you to clear your mind from other things. It makes you more focused on the more important things. Planning your week or your day will help you schedule your time. Being more efficient in using your time is more important as it helps you to achieve more goals. Planning or setting a schedule for all the things that you need to do is a valuable step in your quest to stop procrastination.

3) Set goals

If you are a self-proclaimed procrastinator, but you want to stop it now, then start by setting a clear goal. Set your goals so you can have a clear direction of where you want to go. If you already have a goal yet you find it really hard to achieve them, then it’s probably time that you start getting better with your goal setting. Create an attainable and clear goal so you’ll know how to attain them.

4) Start Small

Everyone starts with small steps. A baby can never learn to run without taking small and sometimes wobbly steps. But no matter how small their steps were, they eventually learned how to walk. That is what you should do too. To be able to work things out, forget about taking massive steps and start moving forward instead. Take one step at a time to become better. Small steps are way better than not doing anything at all.

5) Apply the famous 2-minute rule

This rule has helped numerous people who wanted to break free from procrastination. Applying the 2-minute rule has allowed more people to be more productive. It is a rule that can be done by setting 2-minutes to start doing something. If you find it tiring to read a book, then apply the 2-minute rule and read the first page in just two minutes. If you have pending assignments, but you’re too lazy to get up and do it, then apply this rule. Set a timer and do your pending works. This is an effective way to combat procrastination because a shorter time to achieve something conditions the mind that the toil just takes 2 minutes to be performed. And when you start working on something, you’ll soon realize that you can’t stop doing them because your mind is already working. Before you know it, your 2-minute timer just went on longer than your original plan.

By Jelly May C. M

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