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  1. I like this talk
    I wish you add practical examples from life to your theory when you talk about it because it really helps to grasp the idea which you try to explain for us .
    thank you

  2. I was talking with an entrepreneur who has build his own business from scratch and is verry wealthy now. When i asked him for advice as a young kid he said "just jump in the cold water, dont be scared" and i answered that i am not scared but that i just dont see the pool to jump in.

    Just like this video and many other motivational video's it lacks practical info in my eyes. When i was younger it fired me up for now its just a couple minites of feel good. Some words topped with cherrys. I feel like i have so much willpower and energie to do something great but yet i have no idea what and its going on like this for 4 years already

    Knowing that im getting older and that the older i get the less time and energie that i have it stresses me out more and more.

    It fucks with my self esteem and makes me scared. It scares me because i am verry, verry, verry affraid of doing a job that i dont like for the rest of my days.

    I am traveling around the world now and its a great experiance but this in the back of my head puts pressure and negativity in my life

  3. Hi Leo, I love listening to you speak. Thank you for your insight and motivation. My life is a struggle at times but I am committed to making it incredible. I’m on my way for sure. I have that wolf by the tongue and I’m not letting go of that sucker. No matter how hard it struggles!! Bring it!! Keep doing what your doing, you make a difference.

  4. What is so bad about mediocre if I am genuinely happy. Go bust your fucking ass, stressing out and driving yourself crazy. I'll kick back, drink a fine cup of coffee and listen to some nice music, read, play a game, or something that brings me joy. I don't need to get something "out there" in the future to be happy now. I am very happy and don't have to drive myself to achieve some illusion of happiness somewhere in the future.

  5. Hi leo this is good work, i love the passion its inspired me. I had a idea that has been on the back burner for some time and it wasn't untill i had a gun to my head that i started to dust it off and really contemplate doing something about it. This video helped alot keep up the good work.

  6. Hi leo! first of all, i want to thank you. You made me realize what am missing and that i need not just only telling myself that i need to change but actually doing it and be proud about it, no matter how it goes. You made cry. Thank you, thank you for being here and helping me and other people who is struggling by itself and holding itself back. Am 18 years old and afraid to fail in life and in future. I have to decide where to live and study in future (even though am afraid to make changes and meet new people because of judgment) am ready now!!! thank you

  7. Hey leo, I am from India and i have been following your videos and website for the past month. I told about you and your website to my friends in my class and also about the 20 minutes meditation that i am strictly following since first entering your website.
    The thing is i recently watched the ted talk of an American university professor Mr. Cal Newport about the term "deep work" which was coined by himself. So i actually like to hear more about this deep work from your perspective. Can you please give a video about it in the next week or so?

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