What if I told you that dating and having a relationship are different from one another?

We live in a time where words no longer hold their true meanings making it all that much easier or harder (depending how you look at it) to understand. Well I am about to blow your mind! Ready? Continue reading…

Dating, this is an open non-committed relationship. There is more than one person you or your “dating around” or “having fun” or “finding yourself” whatever you want to call it. If you identify as dating, there is no commitment that if you assume there is one without having “the talk” you would be wrong and possibly hurt. Find out if the person you’re dating is seeing other people or are you committed and only seeing each other.

Relationship, how do you know you are in a committed relationship? Well it is probably because you had talked about it, set guidelines, expectation, and probably live together. If someone is with someone else while with you in a committed relationship, then that would be stepping out or cheating. This cannot be said for dating, solely because that talk did not happen. Not to take anything away like being hurt or having feelings for them but it is important to know where you stand. Relationships are always moving in some type of direction, have some similarities, and know what to expect from each other.

Both also identify what type of relationship you are in. Is it purely sexual or communicative? If sex comes before bonding, then your foundation is not as strong at it could be. If you build your relationship on communication, your foundation is securer than the sexual relationships. Break it all down and go through the muck to find out where your foundation starts and your expectations end. Don’t get caught off guard you deserve better.

Doing dating right! Find out where you stand by having that conversation. It’s not easy, it’s never easy to have talks like those but it will save you a whole lot of heartache. Much love!
Now these conclusions are solely based on what I have observed through out the years. Example number one, identifying you are in a relationship but have NEVER had that talk on exclusivity. Now you are probably asking, why would we have this conversation? Well if you do not have that open conversations on the importance of dating vs. being in a relationship could be misleading and a waste of time.

Tracy L. Limon

Change is necessary, it occurred from childhood to adulthood, from single life to married/coupling, and life events such as births and deaths. Not only am I a coach, but I’m a person first. Coming from poverty to a practitioner I realized breaking the cycle is easier than I thought. Come join me to help you live your truth and to be a happier you.

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