Contemplating Your Own Death – To Stay Motivated For Life

Contemplating Death – A guided visualization that helps you get in touch with the shortness of life and gets your back on track with your innate wisdom.

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  1. I have b33n sleeping for 12 hours a day for the past week because I'm out of work. I have discovered my vision but I always forget how important it is to me. You have given me something very interesting to think about. Thanks Leo!

  2. if you were spiritually enlightened you wouldn't hope that we are immortal, you would know it. you would also know that, I am you, and you are me, and that we are all literally "one" consciousness experiencing itself subjectively!

  3. if life here was finite, there would be no point of us being here. we come here with a job to do, or just for the ride. are memories are taken away from us when we come here to make the experience more real.

  4. life is not final! we are immoral beings of light. this is our true form. we come here for what seems like a few moments from the perspective of how you see reality once you have left your body, your vehicle. your bio machine. this short experience we call life is just one of millions of experiences you have, and will again experience. behind this biological body we are pure consciousness. we are individual pieces of source/god/or the larger consciousness system. call it whatever you like. but understand this: you are immoral!!! and that scares the crap out of me..

  5. I contemplate death all the time. I’m nearly 60 and still have not healed deep emotional issues. I go between contemplating my death to realize it’s reality to snap me out of depression. Trying to see the value that this individuation has. I’m in part time suicidal ideation.
    I looked for a vid of yours on suicide, did not find. Suicide is pervasive. Only someone who has been suicidal could ever understand the kind of hole you can get into.
    I feel trapped by my ego patterns and trauma.
    Maybe you could do a vid on suicide. I trust your compassion.

  6. To listen to that video and do the visualisation was one of the most powerful experience in my life. Thank you sooooooooooo much, I see my life a lot more clearly now. Kiss from France !

  7. You have a very dark view of death. You are explaining it in a way in which there is tremendous loss in dying. You lose your ego and body, but not love and peace. It's possible that you are even reincarnated and start again. I do agree that we should make the most out of this life, but not out of fear that we are going to die, but to learn as many lessons as we can to take back.

  8. I didn't see my life coming to end each day that passed by.

    I see it the other way around.
    Whether you are religious or not, it doesn't matter.
    I am just grateful everytime I open my eyes after sleeping. Grateful that somewhat, somehow I am given another shot to life. Another round to step forward and realize the dreams. Feel the present and grow each tick of the clock.

  9. This video affected me so much even if I already basically felt every day of my life is a oppotunity to get a better understanding of me, of the external world and the mechanisms of interaction between both. Nomdism helps me so much for the moment. I have had a strong stomach cramp during the visuaisation. I love my external way of life, I feel I've done my best until now. But bullshit relationships and negative social mechanisms I don't want anymore appeared. I fully recommand this video. (please be understanding about the text form, I'm learning english)

  10. I think it's completely rubbish to assume that you'll sort of go to sleep and then never wake up again. you can't possibly make that assumption. we see people die, but we have no idea what they experience. the only thing we have to base our assumption on, with regards to a personal experience of death, is sleep. and every time we have gone to sleep, we have woken up. that is the only evidence we have of losing consciousness. and every single time we have lost consciousness in our memory, we have awoken again. there is no valid data to assume that we may at any point lose consciousness and never ever regain it. there just isn't. use whatever logic you want, but in terms of what we personally know for sure, the evidence is irrefutable.

    as a thought exercise though… I have a experience of being unconscious and yet being somewhat aware of *something*. One time when I was in hospital, I pushed myself a bit too much and I passed out. I experienced a form of consciousness that was different from what I normally experience. it was like I had no idea where I was. I was somewhere but I have no idea where I was or what I was.

  11. as I follow along with these things you're saying, I can't imagine what I was before I was born. I don't think I was me even when I was 5 years old, and I won't be me in 5 years from now. I'll still be 'me' but that me will be totally different from what I am now. I think that the present me, is not something that is eternal, it's an ever changing pattern. as such, I don't think 'I' will ever die, but whatever I am when I get to that point will be something else.
    before I was born, I was something else, but I don't remember it because memory doesn't record experience., it records echoes.

  12. At around 21:00 i noticed i opened my eyes. When he said how sad death is, i was intrigued given that i fully embrace the thought of death no matter how under-achieved my life is. At any moment, death is a sweet embrace to me, i am prepared for it. (I am anti-suicide however, suicide defeats the whole purpose of death. Suicide is a selfish short circuit and it does not justify pain and death in any way. I also count accidents and self-neglect as suicides, only because they are aggressively unnatural). Death is the lesson that life wants us to learn so if you are not open-minded to the idea of death, then you still haven't learned your lesson

  13. My Video started buffering right when Leo was counting up from 1 and was on 2, and I sat there for like 40 seconds just thinking, Leo! Say 3 already got dammit. Then I opened my eyes and realized the video wasn't playing. XD

  14. How the fuck do you know that this is the only life we have? I just cant get over that. Are you like trying to delude and brainwash yourself this way on purpose so you can stay more motivated and experience life more fully??
    Not trying to be rude here..I can understand that.
    But that notion simply stops me from fully committing to the exercise/visualization that is the key of this video. I've got in the back of my mind all the time the notion that this simply may not be true.
    This just kinda made me depressed

  15. I think I accidentally deleted my original comment- so sorry if this is a duplicate – I have been self aware since I was 3 years old and am continually aware of mortality, the miracles, and sadly the tragedies of this world. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. I have long pondered what it was like before I existed and could I imagine ‘being aware’ before I was born. When you mentioned that, I was jolted – I have long called them ‘inside out thoughts’ since I was a kid. It kind of freaked me out to hear another person articulate it. Thanks for sharing this video.

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