Change your outlook on CHANGE

The one thing that stunts your growth in every sphere of life is the fear for change.

Humans have conditioned their mind to find comfort in homeostasis, simply because they don’t want to let go of that sense of familiarity. I am sure you all must have heard that change is the only constant in life, yet……yet you resist it. You can go on and blame your social milieu or other external factors as the cause of your suffering and pain but the truth is, the resistance to change is the reason of your unhappiness.

You can be the author of your own destiny and can manifest your dreams into reality, only when you take accountability of your action or inaction. “Things were destined to be” is the statement of the weak. If you take the reins of your life in your hands , nothing and no one can stop you from living the life of your dreams.

If you think change is overrated then read the scenarios mentioned below and give me a one word solution

1. You are taking forward the legacy of your family business which was solely operating on the principle of word of mouth publicity and swears by the same formula for it has been working positively since decades but in the last few years there has been a considerable amount of decrease in footfall of clients , negatively effecting profits. What do you think is needed?

2. You have worked for the same company for years together, the environment is comfortable, people familiar and it also saves your travel time due to close proximity but it doesn’t satisfy you creatively anymore, in fact there are bleak chances of financial growth. You have lost your zest and fervor which is impacting your productivity. What do you think is needed?

3. You have have struggled with obesity for the major part of your life . You stick to your traditional pattern of eating with no change in your lifestyle but you desire a fit body.

What do you think is needed?

The only answer that comes to my mind for all of the above challenges is CHANGE.

Heraclitus, the famous Greek philosopher said ” You can never step into the same river twice”.

Do you know why?

Simply because it never stops flowing, the water keeps changing. When change is the law of nature then why resist it?

Ask yourself today

* Are you happy with your present life?
* What do you think is the cause of your unhappiness ?
* How can you change it?
*What can you do today to make that change?

Change isn’t always drastic. Just one step everyday and it will shorten the distance between you and your destination. Instead of fearing change, embrace it. Break the mold……… a new you is awaiting to be explored.



I am Sakshi. A Life coach, Manifestation Coach, Past life regression therapist,Reiki practitioner and Blogger. I believe words hold the power to change lives and I use mine to motivate and make people smile.

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