Can Procrastination Affect Your Personal Relationships?

Based on several studies, the overall rate of Americans who say they procrastinate is greater than 25%. The irony of this is that most procrastinators do not own up to their own problems. This means that the percentage of those who procrastinate is in actuality probably much higher.

But what is the big deal, really? If you can get your work done on time, who cares if you are burning the midnight oil to do so?

As it turns out, those close to you probably care quite a bit. All types of personal relationships suffer when faced with procrastination. Not only can it make loved ones feel less important because you are constantly putting them off, but it can also complete the sense of teamwork that makes for strong interpersonal relationships of all kinds.

Another way in which procrastination can affect your personal relationships is somewhat indirect. Procrastination has a large affect on your personality by lowering your self-esteem, raising your anxiety levels and often leading to depression. All of these symptoms can be detrimental to how you deal with others – especially those closest to you.

If you have children, your procrastination can affect your relationships with them in at least two significant ways. First, you will not have time left over to spend with them because you have wasted it all procrastinating. Second, if they begin to recognize your patterns of putting things off, they may begin to pick up on them as well. If Mom can turn her project at the last minute, why can not I?

For most procrastinators, fixing this habit is not quite as simple as telling yourself to stop playing solitaire for two hours at work each day. The cycle of procrastination becomes so inherent that most procrastinators do not even know when they are doing it. Or, if they do, they think it is not a problem because they work better under pressure anyway.

In order to foster a strong relationship with anyone you need to invest time. If you have no time to invest, then it will be impossible to hold on to that relationship. Procrastination steals your time and, in doing so, steals your ability to maintain close personal relationships.

By Frank Coppola


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