Begun is Half Done

My mother was a wise woman. Last year when I was contemplating launching a new business, I was dragging my feet. I had 100 excuses for why it was not the right time. I had just moved into a fixer-upper that had multiple layers of wallpaper and red shag carpet from the 70s.

The home had a lot of space and a lot of potential. My plan was to facilitate women’s retreats on topics of spirituality, self-care, and creativity. My house was to be the venue for these retreats. I remember sitting one Sunday morning in September journaling and getting excited about the possibilities of this new venture. My critic came out – “Your house is a disaster area!” It was true. Entire rooms were ripped up. Strips of wallpaper half falling off , walls half painted, light fixtures removed and ugly carpet on top of that.

In that moment I remember my mother‘s words, “Begun is half done”.

So on that Sunday morning in September I made a flyer for a monthly workshop and send it to a group of friends. Some of my friends told others and pretty soon I had eight people interested in my women’s retreat.

The first retreat happened on a Thursday night in October. I had two rooms that were livable. As a welcome people into my home, I simply said welcome to my perfectly imperfect home. In some ways having a work in progress made people feel very comfortable as if they were in their own home and over the months that we got together people would see progress on some of my projects.

I could’ve waited to launch my business until my space was perfect and I would’ve missed out! It is a year later and I still have projects to complete I still have wallpaper and ugly carpet and I also know I have many wonderful memories of singing, dancing, journaling, creating art, and amazing wisdom shared. I have facilitated eight years of women’s retreat – there has been learning and growing and laughter and tears and I wouldn’t trade any of it!!

If there is something calling to you – begin!

Take one step on the pathway toward your dream or goal. There is power in beginning and we spend way too much time telling ourselves why we can’t do something. Put that energy into making a brilliant beginning! Begun is half done!

By Peggy Foster |

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