Are Your Idealist Goals Making You Procrastinate?

What makes you delay? Most of have reasons why we delay and knowing those reasons can help us conquer our procrastination. Often the reasons we procrastinate fall into certain categories. While you may have tenders in several categories, you may fall into one more than the rest. One that is hard for others to understand is the idealist procrastinator.

Are you an idealist?

You have big plans but you have no details on how to get there, nor do you create the details you need. Rather than take action to help create opportunities you just hope that opportunities will appear. Big ideas are what you like, but you avoid follow through and want to get from step A without making plans or steps to step Z.

Ideas come easily and repeatedly. Some people may accuse you have having the “shiny object syndrome” because as soon as the next big thing appears you are ready to jump, but you forget about what you were working on before.

Do you dislike pain?

The idealist procrastinator wants to avoid pain. A world where everything is vague, non-threatening is what you want. You may dislike or think you are above rules but this has probably caused you a great deal of trouble.

What problems does this cause?

Credit card debts, bill collectors follow you. Jobs are hard to stick with which cause multiple problems. Spouses, family and friends have become increasingly disappointed with your broken promises, either from promises you make to change or never complete.

Are you ready to stop procrastinating?

While watching TV, playing games or buying things may be preferred to learning new things or dealing with work it takes those things to accomplish your goals. You can start making plans and assign yourself tasks so you can start reaching your goals. Being an idealist is good when it is not attached to procrastination. Make a habit of thinking of details and making actions and plans to finish your goals and start setting deadlines.

Are you making progress?

Create an outline of steps that you will need to take to reach the goal. Start setting specific time frames both for your end goal and the steps in between. Assign yourself one or two steps toward your goal each day and keep up maintenance tasks so you can continue to move towards your goals. If you have trouble with working on tasks for a set time use a timer or beeper. Develop a passion both for your goals and dreams and the details in between so that you can complete the tasks.

Source by MJ Schrader

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