Are Holistic Health Coaches Necessary?

Back in 2011 I was searching for balance in my life in all aspects. My mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual state needed some tender love and care. I felt like no one would understand what I was going through. I thought that I would be looked at as crazy. I wish I had someone to be there for me to talk to. About two years later I discovered how the food I was consuming had a profound effect on my overall health. I made the decision to become a vegan and it opened up a whole new world of awakening, peace, and possibility. All aspects began to align, but I also had to do the inner work on myself. I used various techniques to help me feel at peace in my life.

In 2015 I received my Holistic Health Coaching Certification in medicinal raw foods and nutrition. I used the techniques that helped me on my health journey and implemented them in my holistic health coaching practice. I had to go down a pathway of not feeling well to see the light, so I can help other people. This is why I affirm that holistic health coaches are necessary. People need someone to help guide them on their journey to health.

In my holistic health coaching practice I have the Live The Life You Love Program where each week the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects are targeted. There are a variety of services that each person can choose from to suite their individual needs. Holistic health is a true necessity as it encompasses everything. Everything is connected and when we as people make that connection healing can begin. There is the word “heal” in healthy because this is s lifelong journey.

This journey of health is not only limited to nutrition. I have experienced many health ailments that were due to my lack of emotional health. Yes people can choose to start with the physical aspect because I do meet people where they are at, but I introduce slowly the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Having someone who is knowledgeable about holistic health and wellness combines the life coach and health coach into one. Everyone needs someone to be there as a support.

As a holistic health coach and lifestyle expert I guide my clients to empower and enlighten themselves by coming up with a customized holistic health plan to ensure success. The goal is for them to find peace and enlightenment by using the tools given to them to implement a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Everyone needs a holistic health coach. Life is about learning and succeeding. Sometimes that takes humility in hearing another person’s perspective.

I do consulting from time to time, as people need another person’s advice on a holistic health matter. I am currently taking new clients that want to make a change in their lives and seriously ready for wholesome goodness.

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By Avishai El

Avishai El

Avishai El is a Lifestyle Blogger with a uniquely vast background. She went to school receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education. Although she knows how to play several instruments, her main instrument is violin. During her last years of college she became vegan and discovered a new passion for holistic health.

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