1. #Things that i understood from this video!

    1.Do not waste your time at all at any costs.Cut out gaming,partying and youtube stupid videos immidiatelly!
    2.Find your life porpuse quick!A person that finds his life purpose at 6 years old will have much greater success in life than one that finds it at 20!
    3.Think of life as a giant table with lots of dishes!You must gather life experience.. try putting yourself in uncommon situations in order to find out more stuff about life!
    4.Plan on working hard on your life!From now on the most interesting period of the week is no longer the weekend but rather the rest of the days!Plan on working your ass off for like 50 hours a week!You gotta develop a really strong work ethic.
    So use your studying ethic to develop the future work ethic!
    Don't study for grades but rather for the sake of studying!
    5.Go start dating girls you like!
    View this as a new opportunity to learn about how life works!Also learn to socialize,go out and hang out with your friends!
    6.No alcochol,no drugs,no frats and no gaming!
    7.Stop caring about your social status,about what's your ranking in your group of friends,stop trying to look cool and start working on your life purpose never caring about what others say to or about you!Cut out caring yourself about what others do and free yourself of this shit!
    8.Cut out completely the video games and pointless youtube and TV time!
    9.Clean up your diet!Cut Soda,pottato chips,sports drinks,all forms of alcohol(except beer),candies,and fruit juices!
    10.No debt policy!Everything you buy is with cash period!
    11.You have to realize that after you finish university your diploma doesn't mean anything to the external world!Do not think that the diploma will be your entry ticket in life!The employers care if you are sharp on your feet,if you are socially inteligence!IF you are a street smart person!
    12.Read self help books!Read at least 1 self book every month!
    13.Develop a meditating habit!Regret not starting to meditating in your early teens!Meditation helps you becoming happy!Start to meditate everyday for at least 20 min a day!No days off whatsoever!
    14.Take full responsibility for the way you live your life!
    15.Become a life long learner!You can avoid a lot of bad things happening to you only if you take your time and analyse and learn useful things from others rather than bullshiting all day and wasting your time away!
    16.Buy books on all the following subjects!
    2.self help
    3.Meditation and enlightenment
    4.Fitness and nutrition
    5.Bussniess and marketing
    6.Dating and sexuality
    8.Money management
    17.Again,the importance of a life purpose is so extreme to your benefit that you can't yet imagine!
    Follow those principles and your life will be extremely wonderful

  2. Life, thoughts, feelings comes from silence.
    Feeling or thought that you will do will came to you as is, no efforts but listening yourself will brings you to ultimate success.
    Listened what hart says and act. Came fully

  3. I have troubles with female authority. I am a woman, I always see people who talk like this are men, and based on what Leo said about the differences between minds..am I supposed to really prioritize his advice? I'm more feminine, so are logic and systems thinking really the effective way to go about a fulfilling life for me?
    Edit: are there female versions of actualized.org? (Not teal swan..)

  4. this might be unrelated to the topic but i just feel like ranting. i had good grades at high school, i remember going to the college fair back then and every uni that came wants me. in the end i settled for the best uni that gave me an offer. i did wonder for a little while if i should go to an average or easier uni, but bc of the way i was raised, i did not. (my mother always had unrealistic expectations for me, and so did i, my dad also did not approve my choice of going to other unis) i had friends who had similar grades as mine, some of them even had better grades. but a huge amount of them(actually almost all of them) settled for unis that are "not so good". a lot of them, despite their perfect academic performances in both art and science courses, chose to study fine arts/fashion/design. some of them went to switzerland to study hotel management, where good academic performances are not required at all. i used to think i was the only smart person in the room, and they had made mistakes.

    two years later they are doing great, some of them started internships. and then there's me, already failed one semester and am only taking 3 classes this term. i need another year to graduate. my pre-existing depression has never been more severe under the gigantic amount of course loads and stress. even students in harvard have fewer course loads than ours. i am not doing anything at all that i like and has no idea what to do in the future. if it does not work out i might drop out, like many of my current classmates already did. i always has low self-esteem, but this school makes me doubt myself even more.

  5. I have to disagree with him on some things. When he said six year olds who find their life passion have an exponentially better chance at success, I cringed. I found my life purpose as a twelve year old in middle school, and that’s why I’m here watching this video as an 18 year old. My vision got crushed by being forced to go to school, and any time I did something different from the norm i got stomped on. Any time I tried to do something big i got shot down. I tried to go to outer space, I tried to go to college early, and everyone kept telling me I could, just not now. In that time, I had standardized tests to take so that I could make the schools more money. I had to read the history of America from elementary to high school. I had to relearn the different aspects of science over and over, each time slightly more complicated tests, but all knowledge i already had. I had no way to get out of public school, believe me I tried EVERYTHING. Even death!! I tried to kill myself out of misery. I felt like this world doesn’t want me to succeed because it doesn’t. Now I realize it’s my responsibility, but as a kid, that’s not the case.

  6. انا عمري 17 سنة طالبة راح اتابع كلش كلته واغير حياتي وامشي بحياتي هاي سنة مهمة جدا الي لاني سادس وهاي السنة راح تحدد مصيري وين اروح ليا كلية وين يروح مستقبلي وان شاء الله احصل اللي اريده واغير حياتي من صدك وعلى الاقل احاول اسوي الهدف اللي اريده واغير بلدي نحو الافضل بلدي العراق راح اغيره هاي رسالة شخصية لنفسي راح ارجع بعد سنة من هسة واشوف وين وصلت لهذا الفيديو اليوم التاريخ 25/8/2018 راح ارجع بتاريخ 25/8/2019 لهذا الفيديو واشوف وان شاء الله اكون تغيرت من صدك

  7. This is amazing advice but just wondering what does he mean by "no social groups"? Like no joining a social group or no committing to one social group and instead socialising with everyone?

  8. I'm 19. And i feel like even if I do many of these good habits, i will in a sense be behind people that do good habits since they were 15 or so. I like superiority but i dont know if i would be happy with this because there will always be people that are better than me. So i dont know if its worth it.

  9. Frankly, this is the best piece of advice I've ever got till date. Your motivation kept me on listening for three hours straight today when I stumbled over a video of yours. Today I've taken a pledge to cut all the things that I'm surrendering my productivity and time to. Your talk on discovering life purpose has had a DEEP impact on me though I've been reading A LOT of self-help books lately.
    I'm fifteen and I hope that it's not too late for me to break out of unnecessary and time-killing activities, mainly investing in myself that will ACTUALLY take me a long way and help me achieve my ambitions instead of bothering about high school cliques, social status and toxic people. This indeed is THE BEST TEENAGE MOTIVATION TALK of the MILLENIA. Keep posting 'em!

  10. Leo gura
    , this is the first time i am commenting ,i been watching your videos for more than 3 years i think ,bought your Life purpose course 8 months ago , and you are changing my life so much, im finally getting sense of clarity ,vision,direction , learning to be alone and think for myseld .
    the video about the break up also really helpfull right now ,overall i see how this is helpfull ,you are a gold for society , i can not thank you enoght ,youre a brilliant guy with a great mind and heart ,
    Thank for being,sharing
    How was the 30 day buddha meditation retreat?;)
    Im going to a vipassana for 10 days in couple of months finally,
    Cheers .

  11. I'm about to graduate high school and I sort of pissed my way off until the last year, barely studying for tests which kept my grades at a B/C grade level until I realized that this is my only opportunity to create my future, after that its over, its either you hop on the train of education to build your future or just watch it pass. Growing up, my family and I have always lived in a poor financial state, its always been that way. My mom dropped out of high school, and my dad never had money for college. They're depressed and tired of having no money, working all the time and that's why I'd like to use music as my passion to create a better life for me and my family. I know it sounds cliche, but I feel like I am gifted enough with my passion and unique creative mind to do what I love and make a good amount of money for it. I've definitely been studying more and been more mature about school and I'm glad I noticed it now. I'm gonna do great in college.

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