“A Spiritual Awakening”

“Spirituality is the praxis and process of personal transformation, either in accordance with traditional religious ideals, or, increasingly, oriented on subjective experience and psychological growth independently of any specific religious context”. – (Unknown).

Ever since I can remember I have always imagined that there must be more than just life on this earth, that we are all connected in some way to the universe. Although in those days I probably used the word heaven.

And so, it began the start of my spiritual journey when “divine intervention” decided to step in during the latter part of 2013. The process was simple, I felt I needed to speak my thoughts out loud into the “universe” to find out if my prayers would be answered.

Later on, that evening, I noticed a small white circle about the size of a ten pence piece float down past my left shoulder, and I knew from that moment on that it was a sign that I had been heard. Thinking back, I remember seeing similar white circles float down passed me on several other occasions a few years before, but never really stopped to question why at that point in my life.

The following evening, I woke up suddenly and I saw a circle of blue light moving in a clock wise direction just below my bedroom ceiling. The same thing happened on two separate occasions shortly afterwards. At the time I didn’t really understand the significance of blue light, but through further research I realised that it was Arch Angel Michael, the most well known of all the arch angels. “The defender of all that is pure, the epitome of strength and valour”. (Doreen Virtue). I was being shown that I was being protected.

I regularly find white feathers in the most unexpected places, feathers that float past me in the sky, feathers on my clothes. I often see clusters of white energy or individual white strands in the air. This often happens when I might be thinking about a loved one lost, or about the angelic realm, or something that could be on my mind.

I see flashes of white light, butterflies, coins that appear out of nowhere, and on a clear night one but sometimes two large bright stars located in exactly the same place overlooking the property I currently live in.

I have also had several encounters with what I would call “earth” angels who have passed on messages to me. On one occasion in the latter part of December 2014 I was sitting in my local cafe. Somebody came in shortly afterwards and sat down at a nearby table, not that there is anything unusual about that, but as I was about to leave, I felt that I was supposed to have a conversation with this person. Was its “divine” intervention or my intuition, but the word “angel” immediately came into my mind. As I was ready to leave, I walked past him and asked if he was a musician, mainly to strike up some sort of conversation, (he also looked like one). He didn’t speak simply handed me a piece of paper with the words “I am an angel” written followed by a specific message that I was supposed to receive at that time.

I am convinced that a “divine” presence does exist and that our souls do live on within another dimension when our time comes…… that god is energy and light, as indeed are angels and our spirit guides.

We all have the ability to communicate with the “universe” in our own unique way, be it through the angelic realm and using the principles of the law of attraction, (in my case), be it in the style of an affirmation said out loud or through silent thought. If we truly believe we will receive.

We don’t have to be deeply religious for our prayers to be answered, and it might not necessarily be in the way that we always expect, or at the time we may want things to happen. It helps of course to be clear and concise as to what it is you desire and “divine” timing will step in.

We are all shown in the way we are meant to see, hear, feel at our own pace, when we are ready to know more and will always be guided throughout our journey towards the path we may wish to follow or indeed are destined for.

Roseanna Johnson

Roseanna Johnson is a strong communicator with a natural flair for networking and building relationships.

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