A Life coach, to have or not to have?

Let me be the first to say, living life is a challenge. So many questions needing so many answers. What do I do?

Well, I am glad you asked ME that question.

The reason it is difficult to flush this out yourself is because you are standing too close to the mirror…your own life. The question(s) you need to ask you, YOU will never ask yourself. Let’s start slow….what do YOU want? This simple question can only be answered by two out of 10 people. I talk about this in one of my four books, Living Motivated.

Only 20 to 30% of people know what they want and have an action plan to get there. If you want to fact check this statistic, conduct your own experiment. Post a Facebook post on your timeline and ask your followers, What do you want? First of all, people do not really get that personal on social media. However, you may have some high achievers following you and they might respond.

So, Dr. Sims, how do I determine what I want? The first question I will ask you is, What brings you joy? What curls your toes? What gets your engines revved up in the morning? What inspires you? What keeps you up at night? What pushes you out of the bed in the morning? This answer is the thing you should be spending a great deal of time doing?

But, Dr. Sims, I can’t make “a living” doing that thing? How do you know if you haven’t tried it? See, YOU will not ask you these questions. To my point, this is why you need a life coach. In our space, these are Socratic questions. Socratic questions are like shovels. They dig and dig until they hit “paydirt”. That one question that causes the lights to come on, angels singing, and you to have that, Ah Ha moment when you say, Dr. Sims, I get it.

Can anyone life coach? I truly believe (these are my two pennies), life coaching is an art. Just because you have a hammer, does this make you either a carpenter or a general contractor? It takes a special skill set to be a life coach. Hence, this is why I tell my clients when you hire me to be your life coach, stop talking to everyone else because it will dilute what we have embarked upon to grow your life.

My challenge for you is to truly ask yourself, What do I want? If you can not answer this question, get some help. I would love to be your choice. I truly enjoy walking alongside my clients to help them realize their full potential.


Dr Walter Sims

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