9 Mantras To Help You Manifest Your Dreams

Using mantras are a sure way to shift and begin to manifest the things you wish were in your life.

What I have come to realize is that simple words and phrases can redirect and change the trajectory of our lives.Words hold power and have the ability to shift the energy patterns in our life. There are specific rhythms and patterns in our words that raise our vibrations, feelings, and confidence.

Mantras can be used as your personal navigation system guiding you into the direction that you need to be in. the more you use the techniques you are telling the universe YES. Are your words aligning with your desires and how you want to feel?

A mantra should come from a personal a powerful place. Put all of your vulnerability, truth, and honesty into your declarations. Keep them handy and recite them until you memorize them verbatim.

Gratitude is my power- The more you give thanks for all that you have the more you will receive. Gratitude moves you from lack to abundance. Keep the attitude of thanksgiving and you will be rewarded openly.

I believe beyond seeing- Belief is faith in action. You don’t have to see your dreams manifested to know that they are valid and attainable. Tap into your faith and believe even when you can’t see the things you say.

My voice is my currency- Your voice is big and powerful and holds so much value. Sharing your voice, beliefs, and the story is a part of your richness.

Abundance is my birthright- In life there are no limitations except the ones we place upon ourselves, or the ones we allow others to place upon us.

I am deserving- All of the things you desire you are worthy of receiving. You don’t have to be of a certain status to be deserving just known and accept that you are.

I AM enough- Just exactly as you are in this present moment you are enough. Allow yourself the room to err, grow, and learn. Realize that you were born for a purpose with a purpose.

Everything happens in divine timing, and sequence- Divine timing keeps us aligned with a flow of awareness. Know that everything happens huts as they are supposed to in the right timing even when we don’t understand that timing.

I have a choice- In life we don’t have to do anything, we are given free will and we can choose to do a said thing. Utilize your freedom of choice and express it in a variety of ways.

I am expanding- Every thought we think is creating our future choose to expand and grow with all of your life experiences and challenges.

Be diligent about manifesting your dreams and shifting things in your life through mantras and the belief in yourself. I would love to hear your mantras that you’ve created for yourself and how they are helping you manifest.

Let’s get to reciting these mantras.

By Danica Worthy

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