5 Ways To Beat Frustration During The New Normal

The whole COVID 19 Pandemic changed the way we live life on a daily basis.

And these changes, even as we entered the New Normal, have been uncomfortable.

To live in uncertainty.

With fear.

And a whole lot of frustrations.

About things that did not go as planned.

About lost opportunities.

About one’s self.

We have to note though that more than ever, now is the best time to do away with all those frustrations as they hinder our growth.

Allow me to share with you my 5 tips on how you can beat frustration during the new normal.

1.) Ask yourself: “Why?”

The best way to go about managing your frustrations is to ask yourself why are you frustrated in the first place. You might be surprised because by inquiring deeply within, you may realize that your initial reasons may not be the real ones so to speak. Yes, there’s a possibility that your frustrations go beyond the whole COVID 19 Pandemic.

2.) Ask yourself: “Is it something I can control?”

This is where frustration normally stems from: our innate desire to make things happen, exactly the way we want them to. But that’s not always the case. Some things are beyond our control. Businesses closing. People dying. Losing a job — these are the common things which leave us sad, angry and frustrated. But come to think of it, are these something within your sphere of influence and power? Can you change the impact of the whole pandemic? If not, let go.

3.) Focus on what you can control
You are still alive. That means you have a new opportunity to start all over again. Exactly the way you want to. Think about the things you have control of: your health, the use of your skills, your emotions, your actions – how can you maximize them now so that you can rise above the situation as you become your own #bestmeever? By putting yourself back in the driver’s seat, you allow yourself to come from a space of possibilities, instead of frustrations.

4.) Choose to look at the brighter side of things

Silver linings. So important to look for them now. Hard, but very much possible. What is this whole situation teaching you? What new lessons do you have to learn so you can thrive in the new normal? Come from that space of openness and see how things (and your feelings too) change right before your eyes.

5.) Just start all over again

Frustrations hold you back. Choose to put yourself first this time around. Take that first step. You only get frustrated when you feel powerless and crippled because of the situation on hand. By acting on it, based on the clarity you’ve gotten while reflecting and the action plans you have in mind, you allow yourself to grow and flourish in the space you’re in.

Know that frustrations are anchored on all things that could have been. By focusing instead on what can still be as you come from a space of love, acceptance and hope, you are able all your frustrations to stepping stones towards becoming the Next You in the new normal: your own #bestmeever .

About The Author:

Myke Celis is a Global Master Coach and the international best selling author of the #bestmeever book series. He helps people globally overcome limiting beliefs, gain clarity and be the person they’re meant to be. Get to know him via www.coach-mykecelis.com

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