5 Things To Say “YES” To In The New Normal

During the entire COVID19 Pandemic, the whole world has experienced getting so many “NOs” in different aspects.

No more luxury travels.

No more physical contact outside.

No more freedom.

No more jobs.

And for some, these NOs have caused them to believe that there is no more hope.

But truth be told, there is.

The thing is, we have to learn to look beyond what we lost and focus on what we can still gain from the entire experience.

This whole new normal is presenting each one of us a new opportunity to start all over again only if we finally commit to that one life changing choice:

To finally say “YES” to embracing the change before us whole heartedly.

Yup, it’s now time to allow yourself to saying “YES” to these things so that you can begin to thrive in your current space:

1.) YES to self care

More than ever, you have to focus on your own health and well-being. Come up with a healthy routine and observe a balanced diet. Treat yourself to little rewards—just because you deserve them. Remember, making it this far, COVID-free, is already a notable win. Give yourself a pat on the back and the kind of love you’ve always wanted and deserved.

2.) YES to your dreams

That’s the beauty of starting all over again – you get to focus on what you really want. Ask yourself this: what dream have you set aside for the longest time? What can you do now to finally take that first step to make it happen? Exciting, isn’t it?

3.) YES to intentional living

If it does not help you grow, let go. Sanitize your space, your social media feeds, your friend’s list – basically anything and everything that affects you and your well being. Choose to engage wisely only with those which can create value for you at this point in time.

4.) YES to your growth

Now is the best time to learn something new. Take an online class. Practice at home. Discover a whole new skill set which can eventually help you earn in the process. Remember, you may have lost your job or so, but you never did lose all other gifts you have within. Step outside of your comfort zone and utilize and nurture them to the fullest.

5.) YES to the NEW YOU

Do away with all your what could have been and focus on what you can still be. At the end of the day, you can’t be your old self in the new normal. Allow yourself to accept the fact that you need to change, to adapt, to rise above and eventually become your own #bestmeever .

Finally, when this whole pandemic is over, I hope that you will look back with gratitude for saying yes to the life that you truly deserve with no regrets.

No more worries. All will be well soon.

And yes, there’s hope.

About Me:

Myke Celis is a Global Master Coach and the best selling author of the #bestmeever book series. He is also a radio talk show host, an international TEDx speaker and a serial entrepreneur.

Get to know him via www.coach-mykecelis.com

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