Understanding Neurosis – What does neurosis actually mean? Find out with a this rich definition and a list of 40 signs that you may be neurotic.

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  1. Everything you said resonated within me, I did not even finished the video yet but I need to say, I'm exactly like that. And I literally don't know how to be other than the way I am right now. I feel kinda lost.

  2. Why does your logo match the logo used for pedophilic boy love? Even if you don’t have that meaning behind it you are just asking for trouble when it matches all the images you can find of boy love symbolism. Like trying to use a Swastika symbol for something other than what the populace knows it to be.

  3. i was gonna watch this video but then i realized if i watch a 45 minutes long video of not being so neurotic, that would certainly make me more neurotic than i already am

  4. my top 5 neurosis
    1. I have this feeling that I won´t ever achieve the things I want the most. The most notable manifestation of this is a inner voice that tells me " Why would a woman with options choose you? a 5´0" shy guy ?
    2. I feel weird when I try to flirt. Even thinking about myself acting sexualy in a direct way makes me anxious
    3. I feel bad when I disagree with my father, even when I am sure he is wrong
    4. I always compare myself with others
    5. When I am not working on my issues or getting distracted from them I feel restless.

    my rockbottom root cause: The fear that deep down I don´t have what is required. That I am a lost cause

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