4 Ways To Invest In An Emotional Bank Account During Times of Social Distancing

An emotional bank account (EBA) is an account based on trust rather than on money.

We all have an account with ourselves and with others, yet most of us go through life in these four ways.

1. Not knowing they have an EBA with others
2. Know it exists yet do not invest the currency of trust into it
3. Know it exists and invests trust into the account weekly
4. Know it exists and invests trust into the account daily

The truth is, many of us are part of the first three categories. Very few people actually make it to number four. Even fewer can stay there once they reach number four.

Today I want to encourage you to help you get to #4. I want you to be someone who can invest trust in yourself and with others on a daily basis. Although hard and extremely intentional, investing in the EBA is one of the wisest things that you can do, regardless of where you are in life.

Here are my top 4 strategies for how to invest in the EBA you have with others:

Own An Emotional Withdrawl

Let’s face it. We have all taken a few withdrawals out of our EBA’s. No one is perfect and very few of us are even close to perfect. Knowing this, we need to own our withdrawals. For example, if I told my friend I would be there to pick him up to go to an event together at 5pm but do not show up until 6pm without a good reason or I simply don’t show up at all, I have taken a withdrawal out of this persons EBA. Not good. Let me put this simply. Apologize when needed, take responsibility when warranted.

Be Relationally Proactive

Being proactive in relationships is like investing in the stock market. You forecast where you should be investing, how you should be investing, then you invest. Relationships are no different. Know what others want and be proactive in getting it for them. Think ahead with them in mind. Think about what the other person wants and proactively take steps to fulfill those wants.

Relationships Before Resources

One critical thing I learned in my life is that people value relationships before resources. Having a relationally based lens with all you encounter and build EBA’s with, will allow you to have multiple relationships. People buy from who they trust. People invest in people they trust. Simply put, trust is the foundation of any relationship and that needs to be built before you try to sell something such as an idea, product or service.

Add Value Daily (AVD)

When all else fails, just add value. At the end of the day, we all should be adding value to others. Imagine what type of world we would have if we focused less on productivity and more on adding value? If you want to build up EBA’s, add value to others as much as possible. This doesn’t need to be expensive either. Write them a note, send them a card or give them your focused time. Give to them before you take from them.

By Ryan Fahey | www.faheyconsulting.org

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